Do you have any idea how encouraging it is for an overseas missionary to receive a letter or a care package from loved ones back home?

THANK YOU to each of you who have taken the time, energy, and resources to be such a huge encouragement!

*It usually takes 1-2 months for a letter or a package to arrive to us in PNG.

Below is a list of 'all those little things' we would enjoy receiving from home when we are overseas. It begins with a link to our Amazon Wish List, if you’d like to choose something from there. There is also a list on this page, which is broken into two sections - Things specifically for the girls, and things we’d all enjoy. There is NO order to the items listed. If you want to know if we are specifically craving something, please contact us directly!

*You will need to contact us directly for the address. If you don't want to contact US, you are welcome to also contact our families for the address and additional shipping advice.

Shipping Tips:

*USPS is the best way to go, using any of these options: Priority Flat Rate, Express, or First Class.

*Double-wrap any/all food items in sealed containers (i.e. ziplocs or plastic sealing/locking tubs) to keep rats out.

*Keep scented candles/soaps FAR away from (protected from) food by double/triple wrapping and vacuum sealing. We've had tea, chocolate, and even mac 'n cheese come to us that ended up smelling and tasting like candles. Thanks!

*Packages can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to arrive to us. Letters usually take 3-4 weeks.

*There is no guarantee of all items reaching us, if a packages gets opened and searched.

*PLEASE remember these guidelines on the customs form: Do not be deceptive (make sure all items are covered by your vague summaries!), but ALSO be vague. For example, if sending some food items, don't list them specifically. Instead put something like "snack items" or "cooking supplies". Other examples are "toiletries", "household decor", "audio files".

*Feel free to wrap things creatively. Adding some personal/hygiene items on top/near the box opening is a helpful tip we've observed. It may simply decrease interest in the box contents if the box is searched. You can also gift-wrap certain items... especially items in the list below that are marked with: ***

NOW, on to the list!

Thank you for thinking of us, and blessing us in such a FUN and encouraging way!!

UPDATED 05/2019


*BOLD items are favorite or most-wanted items!

Naya and Jocie:

  • Cheez-Its

  • Goldfish Crackers

  • Salt and Vinegar potato chips

  • Annie's white cheddar macaroni and cheese

  • Kraft macaroni and cheese

  • Girly journals or sketch books, and fun pens

  • Craft kits (i.e. "Design Your Own ____")

  • Lego sets: Contact us first to see what we have already. They love Legos!

  • Karaoke CD’s: Yes, they have a little machine that they got for Christmas a few years ago!! Ask us for suggestions and to avoid duplicates :)

  • iTunes gift cards: for music, or for new Apps

  • Nintendo Switch games: They got a Switch for Christmas from their Great-Grandma! Contact us first to avoid duplicate games.

  • Flash drive with:

    • video clips of your children and/or children from your church - giving greetings, telling stories, playing sports, playing musical instruments, recording of a performance, etc!

    • Kids' instructional dvd's for different kinds of dancing, art, or simple sports. The girls love this sort of thing!


Noe and Lisa:

  • Kirkland Signature canned chicken

  • Hormel Original Pepperoni, non-refrigerated pouches. See this link for the exact product: HORMEL PEPPERONI

  • Doritos, Chili Fritos, Cheetos

  • Coffee beans- medium roast- from your favorite roasters!

  • Kraft grated parmesan cheese (green can)

  • Holiday (any holiday) home decor and candles

  • Battery-operated (AA or AAA) string lights (white or seasonal)

  • LED, battery-operated pillar candles or tea lights

  • Dried sauce mixes: Examples - Parma Rosa, chicken gravy, taco seasoning, etc.

  • Spices: Please contact us to find out what we are running short on that we can’t get here.

  • Knorr Rice Sides: Cheddar Broccoli

  • Beef jerky or summer sausage*** (vacuum seal, wrap well, label as "snacks")

  • Smoked salmon- in pouches or cans*** (vacuum seal, wrap well, label as "snacks")

  • Box brownie mix- Ghirardelli is a favorite brand

  • Panko bread crumbs

  • Restaurant Sauces in packets or Plastic Bottles, i.e. Taco Bell... (SEE PHOTO BELOW!)

  • Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds

  • Kindle or iTunes gift cards

  • Flash drive: load it up first with things like this:

    • -video of church service

    • -video of fun happenings

    • -video greetings from church, friends, family (get some candid footage when they're not expecting it?) :)

    • -some of your favorite podcasts (sermons, or good comedy)

    • -new music

    • -new movies or tv shows (ask us for suggestions/favorites)

    • -letters from church, friends, family

SO fun to find mail waiting for us from time to time! THANK YOU for your cards and packages!

SO fun to find mail waiting for us from time to time! THANK YOU for your cards and packages!