July, Here we come!

And just like that, our moving month has come! We are moving 3 weeks from today! Oi vey! We are very much looking forward to taking this next step. We will miss seeing our family so regularly, and are very thankful to have had this last 10 generous months to soak them up! :)

My "morning sickness" finally subsided during the 2nd week of June. I've been 'catching up' on my eating (haha), and have been keeping busy since then with organizing and consolidating and throwing out things...all in preparation for our move. This particular move has a new aspect for us- storage. We've never needed to store things before. So our "piles" have been Storage, Michigan, and Garage Sale (oh, and garbage!).

We're having a garage sale this coming weekend. This week we are also preparing our cars to sell. Please pray that they sell quickly, and for the price we want to ask for them! (Those of you who know me from over the years are aware that I will indeed miss my dear Henry...) We have decided on a minivan from a very trusted source which is being sold to us at a very generous price. We are so thankful to the Lord! As soon as we can sell the car(s), we will use the money to purchase the van.

So, that's a tiny, vague look into the busy next 3 weeks for us. Lots of packing and cleaning... so thankful for the family and friends who have offered their helping hands and meals and prayers!