Road Trip, Day 1, July 28, Seattle, WA to Prosser, WA

After a series of 'unfortunate events', nearly all relating to vehicles, we were able to leave town early this morning, around 7.15am. To share a little of those events, we had sold my dear Henry ('92 toyota corolla) and used those funds to purchase a '97 dodge caravan. we were thrilled! We made and met appointments to get the van ready for our trip. On Wednesday, the "Check Engine Soon" light appeared. This is not the kind of enlightening experience we want to see just a few days before our trip. So after more repair work, we finally felt ready. We finished packing and cleaning, and we moved out of the house we were renting at 4pm Saturday, just in time for a wonderful family gathering at 5.30 at the Roe home. Sunday morning, the potential to purchase a '99 nissan pathfinder suddenly arose. To keep this paragraph to merely a paragraph, the purchase of the pathfinder was made around 6-7pm Sunday night. [In unison: "Oi vey!!"] Monday morning, Noe rose bright and early and spent the entire day making and meeting appointments once again to prepare THIS vehicle for our trip. We had initially hoped to leave Monday morning, but the repairs took all day, so we settled in for one more night in Seattle. We cannot express how truly thankful we are for Steve & Ellyn-- i have to mention them in particular because they seriously bent over backward in many ways to help us through all of these many vehicle entanglements, and loading our trailer, etc, etc, etc! There were other precious people who helped us over the last 3 weeks- too many to mention actually! But we know who you are, as do you, and we truly are thankful for your generosity of time and energy and gifts, etc, etc, etc!!

If you made it through that fantastic paragraph... on to brighter things.

We arrived in Prosser, WA (Tri-Cities area) around 12.30pm (and the Pathfinder is running beautifully, to answer that question for anyone!). We are staying with Noe's sister Celia, Bill, and Naya's 2.5-year-old cousin Sophia. Our plan was to move on to Idaho tomorrow and camp for 2 nights. But we really want to soak up 2 days with them, so we opted out of our campsite and will head to Idaho on Thursday and stay in a hotel.

Naya has had a blast today with cousin Sophia. They spent nearly 2 hours splashing about in the kiddie pool. That really is the only reason to be outside- it is around 100 degrees. Ouch! :) Bill and Celia are great hosts, and we enjoyed a nice dinner outside tonight (it had cooled to upper 80's with a gentle breeze). Those of you who remember I spent a summer in the Zambian bush may or may not recall my marveling at the pure quietness I experienced there... no city noise, no cars, no planes, no noises really of any kind... and I described it as "You can hear the sky." In the place we are here in eastern WA, I was pleasantly surprised to find that same quietness, after "missing" the experience for the last 6 years. It is so beautiful... Sorry, back to the girls... the girls enjoyed popsicles and running in the grass this evening, and Naya had a fun tumble down a couple stairs... Ok, not so fun, but she didn't injure herself thankfully!

Well, time to sign off for today. We'd love to know that you were here reading this! :)

***Funny note: This morning we stopped for breakfast at McDonald's on I-90, and one of the girls behind the counter was admiring Naya, when she asked me, "How old is her?!" I could feel my mom cringing, even though she wasn't there... ha! (By the way, she then gestured toward my pregnant belly and asked "And what are you waiting for?" Oh my..... it was great...)

Lots of love,

Noe, Lisa, Naya, and "Little Two"