Road Trip, Day 3: Prosser, WA to Twin Falls, ID

And what a long day it was! We left Prosser this morning, but not until about 9am. Along the way, Noe noticed that the car was pulling to the right quite a lot. So on our way to lunch in Baker City, OR, we stopped in La Grande, OR at Les Schwab, where they rotated the tires. At first, the car drove straight. But then we did notice it pulling to the left. the Les Schwab man said if it pulled to the left that the tire was defective. But Noe thinks it still might be an alignment problem. We will look into that this weekend in Wyoming.

On the route, we saw the White Tree of Gondor- somehow it got moved to the PNW... must've sailed "into the west" and landed out in such splendor...

Naya enjoyed our Pizza Hut lunch. The drive was beautiful, especially approaching the Columbia River from south-eastern WA, and also coming down into Idaho (Nampa/Boise) from SE Oregon. We finally arrived, tuckered out and hungry, at our hotel in Twin Falls at about 8.15pm. (7.15 PST). We had a wonderful late dinner at Tomato's Italian Grill (yay pasta!). Now we are relaxing for a few hours, and hopefully we'll have a good night's sleep for our drive to Jackson Hole, WY tomorrow. It will be nice to spend 3 nights there before another long drive!

The car is still functioning "like a champ", and Naya did a pretty good job today! What a trooper she is! :) We had gotten a new windshield on Monday, and... (you can see where this is going) just as we were pulling into Twin Falls tonight, a car pulled in front of us and blessed us with some little rocks... we received 2 decent chips in the windshield. So that was added to our agenda for tomorrow morning. I am so thankful for a husband who is so pro-active in getting all these little things taken care of so they don't become bigger issues later!! God blesses him with the smarts and the energy to do it.

Special note: happy birthday and welcome to another (fake) "nephew" of mine!! Eli Bradley Stebbins was born today, to my best girl friend Alanna and her husband Brad. Congratulations!! So that was a very, very positive note to my day! (that and the fact that Naya's dinner only cost $2.95...ahhh, now see, there comes my random humor!)

Thank you for leaving your comments! We read them ALL, and it makes us feel very loved!! We love you all! Keep the comments and emails coming! :) Keep in touch.

Noe, Lisa, Adannaya, and "Little Two"

ps--- for the proud grandparents: Naya can pretty much sing the ENTIRE alphabet song now! amazing...