Day 6, Sunday, August 2nd: Jackson, WY

On Friday mid-morning, after getting a chip in the brand new windshield repaired, we drove out of Twin Falls, ID toward Pocatello, ID. In Pocatello, we enjoyed an hour and a half at the Ross Park Aquatic Center (little water park!). The weather was just perfect, and Naya enjoyed playing in the “agua.” Then after a quick lunch at the Ross Park Drive-In (reminded us of Beasley’s in Vader, WA), we drove the rest of the way to Jackson Hole, WY.

We are staying with dear friends we met in Cannon Beach who were an active part of C.B. Bible Church for several years, Doug and Amanda. They have been pampering us during our stay, and yesterday they took us into Grand Teton National Park. It was fun to see this, especially knowing that my cousin (s?) climbed it just last weekend! The mountains are just stunning. We explored a couple of the lakes, including letting Naya wade a bit in String Lake…until she attempted self-baptism… poor thing! She “talked” later about how the agua was COLD! Hehe…. We also saw several buffalo, including a herd that ended up crossing the road RIGHT in front of the car. I felt more nervous about this now that I am a mommy…I felt protective. But the buffalo felt the same way, and they quickly escorted their little ones across the road. Ok, way too much detail…

Today we went to Doug and Amanda’s church, which is basically a home group format. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with some strong believers. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, just laying low. Tonight Doug and Amanda had a memorial service to attend, so they treated us to tickets to the sky-tram which took us to the top of some of the lower Teton range (not sure which exactly…quite a bit south of the Grand Teton). Then we explored the town of Jackson for an hour or two.

We will get up bright and early- actually, probably not so bright at that hour, and begin our long drive to Miles City, MT. The first few hours we will be going north through Yellowstone. That should be a lovely drive, and perhaps we’ll see more wildlife.

What a journey! Please continue to pray for our safety on the roads, and good health, and a happy little Naya!

Noe, Lisa, Adannaya, and “Little Two”