Day 7, Monday, August 3: Jackson, WY to Miles City, MT

12 hours in the car is just too much. it really is... :)

But we made it!

We left Jackson, WY at 7.30am, and drove through Grand Teton Nt'l Park and the southern/eastern roads of Yellowstone Nt'l Park. Both are very beautiful. we DID see a moose- but we didn't get a picture. we enjoyed listening to my "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack as we made our way out of Yellowstone via the eastern entrance- very mountanous (sp?), and of course- gorgeous.

On our way into Cody, WY, we drove by the Buffalo Bill Dam, just past Buffalo Bill State Park. we drove through a series of short tunnels that reminded us of that fabulous opening scene in the recent Quantum of Solace film. In Cody, we enjoyed a "leisurely" and very yummy lunch at "Cassie's Supper Club." the place looks like it's right out of an old western... if there had been more than one other customer, we would've expected an exciting bar fight. it would be a fun place in the evenings, as they have a stage and dance floor for live music. too fun! on the way out of Cody, i also got to take a picture of the Buffalo Bill statue. (whoopee!)

the last few hours of our drive seemed endless. part of that was the LACK of any Starbucks (!!!), and actually, the lack of really anything! there were no "real" places to stop- just hometown gas stations and cafes, and all a few miles from the highway. But at long last, we pulled in to the Miles City KOA, and are hoping to be adequately rested for our drive to Fargo, ND tomorrow. we are very much looking forward to seeing some of the Linds!