Day 8, Tuesday, August 4th: Miles City, MT to Fargo, ND

If anything could have gone "wrong" today, it did!!! Today's drive will definitely go down as forgettable. ha!

We got a good night's sleep in our KOA Kabin last night (those little cabins are SO cute by the way...), and rolled out around 9am (our intention was 8am, but we know how those things go sometimes.). We enjoyed the rolling hills ("hills") in eastern montana and western north dakota, and noticed it getting progressively flatter. gorgeous scenery, dare i say it! we stopped for a quick lunch in Dickinson, ND, then headed on to Bismarck. We pulled off in Bismarck just to take a quick snapshot of the Statue of Sakakawea (yeah, west coast people, do your research on the name!! haha). but at the site of the statue was NOT Sakakawea, but rather "The Pioneer Family", which is a husband, wife, little boy, and honor the memory of the great pioneers of the west. i suppose the woman is supposed to be Sakakawea? but the plaque didn't mention any specific names... maybe i'm crazy- maybe everyone knows that "the Pioneer Family" is her family...

Anyway, around the time we took the photo, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on in the pathfinder. (!!!!) not cool. so Noe did some checking of the car. We filled it up with gas and were on our way back to the highway to see if it would just go away. on our way back to the highway we drove right by a Nissan service center. (ok, Lord!) so we pulled in, and they were so nice to squeeze us in and scan the engine computer. they discovered that it was the rear O2 sensor. they said we were in no danger, it was just simply malfunctioning, and that we could continue on to Michigan with no problem. but once there, we should get it serviced. we were very thankful, even though it set us back an hour. :( (combined with the time change, we really wanted that hour!)

Between Bismarck and Fargo (around Jamestown), Naya came out of a fussy phase into a ridiculously amused phase. she was making funny noises and ultimately playing with her sippy cup of water. she would put water in her mouth and spit it out everywhere, and laugh hilariously... until, after draining the whole cup, she choked on some water, and vomited allllll the water back out all over herself!! :( aaahhh!! so we pulled over again to change her clothes and clean out her chair. oh my...

THEN, we pulled off to get her dinner at McDonald's, only to approach a demolished McDonald's site with all the misleading golden arches still in place! never in my life.... hope you enjoy the picture!

at long last, at 8.30pm (2 hours later than we had hoped), we pulled into the Linds' driveway, and have been met with the most loving hospitality! they even waited to eat with us, although I had told them not to worry about that! Marcie made a wonderful dinner, and we enjoyed some good fellowship with Bob and Marcie over the meal.

We may or may not go to the zoo tomorrow, and we might get to see some of the other Lind clan tomorrow. Whatever the plans, we're just so happy to be here, to spend a little time with Bob and Marcie, and we can't express how thankful we are to the Lord for keeping us safe and healthy for 2,000 miles already!

We are definitely in His hands!

Noe, Lisa, Adannaya, and "Little Two"