Really the title should be "Blood Sugar", but putting the word 'blood' in the subject line just seemed a bit over the top.

So speaking of "over the top"... my blood sugar was NOT over the top, the lab results actually showed that it looked pretty good! (translation: no gestational diabetes) (yeah, i didn't think so...) I also wasn't dehydrated. It did show slight anemia, which I already "knew" I was... simply because I was anemic last pregnancy. So my dilemma as of late has been finding iron-rich foods for the anemia, and protein-rich foods for the morning to keep my blood sugar at a normal level.

But you know, it doesn't seem to matter what I eat or do anyway... I still feel utterly exhausted and completely uncomfortable. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, and can't WAIT for this pregnancy to be completed! I want a healthy baby of course, and there are too many risks for preemies...but I would love it if she came...even a day early! hehe :)

On another note:

NTBI quirks... I'll share them as they come to mind. Only one comes to mind at the moment... probably because it's my nap time...

-the first week (before most students arrived), Noe had put some restaurant crayons in his shorts pocket to give to Naya later. Well, it came time to do a load of laundry, and between us, we didn't check his pockets. A whole load of whites/khaki.... ruined! ohhhhhh, precious crayons stains. :) Thankfully we didn't lose anything we loved too much, other than Naya's adorable 4th of July shirt (which we only paid $4 for, so that was a plus). Oh, and my only pair of maternity shorts AND maternity khakis. So being 90-degree weather with no A/C in most places, we headed out that afternoon to find me a pair of shorts. :)

Today my lovely cousin Stacy is getting married in Seattle! Wish we could be there, but we're so happy for her/them! She's actually marrying a guy I knew from Grace Church when we were all so very young... what a small world! (Yes, he was in Praise Kids...)

We are getting set up with Skype--- but we need to know who of y'all has Skype! Notify us somehow so we can get in touch with you.