Naya's 2nd Birthday!

yes indeed, little Naya turned 2 today! i rather successfully worked with her throughout the day to say "It's my birthday!" and "I'm two!" She is also practicing how to hold up two fingers. currently it's just a hand with splayed fingers. pretty cute. :)

after a relatively normal day, including bouts of "Terrible Two" syndrome, 7.00pm finally arrived, and we greeted many new friends into one of the small classrooms here at NTBI for a very casual birthday "party." because the cake was cut into 45 pieces (who did the math?? hmm...haha!), and we had 3 pieces left over, we had approximately 42 guests, about 15 of whom were young children. the balloons we had blown up for the kids to toss around popped quite consistently throughout the evening... we went from 24 to about 5 by 8pm. one little girl of about 18 months thought it was a ball of some kind, and proceeded to sit on the balloon. boy was she in for a shock! she just sat quietly on the floor after that for several minutes, wondering what happened. :)

we greeted our guests, urged them to drink of the 5 3-liter sodas we had bought, took pictures with the cake, enjoyed seeing naya get scared of the 2 candles when she couldn't blow them out, sang happy birthday, served cake, and lastly Naya opened a few gifts, which she thought was pretty special. she is a pro at ripping the paper off now, and said "Wow!" several times throughout.

as naya went to bed, she got to talk on the phone with her grandma Marina (Mama Mina), and about an hour later, Jason and Chelsea called and sang 'happy birthday' to naya although naya was sleeping. pretty fun!

hope you enjoy the pictures!!
with love,
Noe, Lisa, Adannaya, and "Little Two"

(sorry, for some reason, Blogger is not letting me move the pictures around!! :( i don't understand... but enjoy them anyway!)