Neither Are Pumpkins Apples...

2weekends ago, I had the fun of taking Naya to an apple farm with some friends from here at NTBI- 2 of her favorite little friends, to be specific: Jordan and Charley. Noe was able to spend the day at 'our' church helping install cabinets. Naya LOVED the apple farm, as you can see from the pictures and video. She helped me pick a huge bag's worth of apples- Mutsu, Empire, and a few Red Delicious. If only I could get her to EAT the apples!
She likes to chew them and suck all the juice out, then spit out "the bad stuff." hehe. So almost the whole apple ends up in the trash. But hey, at least she's having fun and getting a few nutrients here and there. :)

The next day, Sunday afternoon, Noe wanted to go for a drive, so we ended up taking Naya to a different apple farm. At this farm we got to sample some FRESH-pressed apple cider, which was delicious! We took a gallon home for only $6. Little did I know it was unpasteurized... oops! But baby and I are fine ;)

Taste of Home online has a marvelous recipe for a sugar-free apple pie! How do I know? yeah... I think it was only the second apple pie that I personally have ever made. I m
ade it with Mutsu apples, and it was just fantastic. Tomorrow I will hopefully make a sugar-free apple crisp. Unless I go into labor...

There's a fun topic! Labor! After weeks and weeks of longing for this baby to come early, I came down with a cold last night! :( So I'm really not feeling very well in that respect, and for the first time in the last over 6 weeks, I'm hoping baby will NOT feel like it's time to see the world yet! I'm thinking that either the 30th or the 1st would be good days... I like the month of November... how about a November 1st birthday? Show of hands??? anyway, we'll see what the Lord's special day for her is! :) Please pray for a safe labor and delivery, both for the baby and for myself. Also, as you might be aware, the hospitals have (rightly) put restrictions on visitors to the hospitals because of the (exaggerated, I daresay) H1N1 flu. (and no, i didn't contradict myself... I DO think we as a nation are overly worried and scared about it, but at the same time, it is real- we see through Scripture that disease and troubles are real- and so I don't disagree with the action of the healthcare system to limit visitors. I don't like seeing sick people when I go in for my OB appointments... it makes me want to hold my breath! Which is REALLY difficult when my lungs are as squished as they are!!) so ANYWAY... Naya w
ill not be able to visit the hospital. And if my parents get sick and I'm still at the hospital, they also cannot visit. I'm not sure about Noe- but I'm praying for him, and I would indeed be mortified if he was restricted from being there (oooohhh, I can already picture some of the comments that some of you would write about that!! so... save them. hehe). Just pray that he'll be healthy! :)

So baby is due Thursday, and we are pretty much ready for her arrival. I think these last few days are great, because I remember those little things that I would've forgotten until after the fact- like buying a couple newborn pacifiers (!!), and washing the new bassinet sheet (we were handed down a bassinet from someone here at NTBI! woohoo!). Please also pray that my cold will pass quickly and I won't have any lingering coughs or whatnot. Hey-- as soon as baby is born, I will hopefully stop being congested!! (some of you know I have been congested and blowing my nose my entire pregnancy! I should write a testimonial to Kleenex. Seriously.)

So enjoy these few pictures and the video, and hire random people to leave comments. It's nice to know we have some friends. :)

Hopefully the next blog will be about the arrival of our second little girl! :)

Lisa, for the Martinez family