Happy Thanksgiving!

Our celebration today was far from our normal traditions... and it was quite fun!
We stayed here at the school and joined about 40 others for a potluck-style meal. The students who coordinated the dinner made the turkey, and the rest of us brought various side-dishes and desserts(I feel like we should play Outburst now...). I signed up to bring ice cream and sweet potatoes. This was my second year cooking s.p.'s, and they turned out great! (Phew!!)

We are heading off in a little bit...after our POT OF COFFEE finishes brewing...to play games with 2 other families. Naya will enjoy playing with some of her friends- Jordan, Charlee (ok, i STILL don't know how they spell Charlee...), and Jayden.

I am sorry (if anyone reads these blogs) I haven't posted more pictures of Jocellyn on here or on facebook. I have gotten them onto the computer, and just need to find the time to upload them.

Enjoy these couple pictures and the video! We missed our families today! Sorry Martinez family that there isn't another video of Naya saying all of YOUR names (which she does all the time, by the way!). but it seems that Naya may have broken our camera. :( hopefully Noe can fix it... :)