Jocellyn Naomi Martinez

born on 11/02/09... 4 days past her "due date." we are very happy to have a november baby though, i daresay! :) we just like the sound of november, i guess.
she was much bigger than we would've thought- 9 lbs. 2 oz! 20.5" long. her head was 14" in circumference.
so here's a summarized story... (don't read if you don't want to know these kinds of details!)

after staying up until about 1.30am finishing homework and whatnot...(ouch!)... at 3.30am the hospital helicopter woke me from my short sleep (it flies right by the section of the building where our apartment is...dreadfully loud. i fell back asleep for a precious 45 minutes, when a 'stomach cramp' woke me up at 4.16am. i didn't think much of it, as i'd had lots of random cramps over the last 2-3 weeks. fell back asleep- for 8 minutes, when another 'cramp' woke me up. i watched the clock after that, and sure enough, 8 minutes later i had another cramp. mind you, these were pretty painful cramps! frankly, 3 was enough for me to realize a pattern. so i determined that "we're going to have a baby today!" not wanting to wake noe in case it was, for some reason, false labor, i got up and quietly packed most of the last-minute items into the hospital bag. i also walked in the hallway for a few minutes to continue counting. then i thought, "i suppose this could last awhile... i think i'll go back to sleep if i can. i'll need the energy." well, nearly as soon as i laid down, the contractions (now that i realized they weren't just cramps) began coming every 3 minutes. after 3-4 of these, i thought "this IS my second baby... and these are more painful than i would've anticipated starting out with... i think we need to go!" so i woke up noe and told him we should go. (woohoo!!) we called our neighbor who came over to sleep on the couch... he and his wife offered so kindly to watch naya while we were away.

so sometime before 6am, we took our gear and WALKED next door to the hospital. :) ok... "shameful" sidenote... i've been looking forward to this hospital visit... we're living in a dorm setting with community bathrooms and no running water, 3 flights of stairs... so as we approached the hospital, i saw in my mind a large "HILTON PLAZA" sign above the hospital building. :P

after being wheeled up to labor & delivery, the receptionist there asked "what can i do for you?" i said "i'd like to have a baby, please."

well, the timing of our arrival at the hospital was ideal... my contractions were still every 3 minutes apart, and i was already dilated to a 5!!

we expressed our desire to have a natural labor & delivery as far as it depended on us. my new dr. worked a friday-monday at 8am shift... so he told us before that he wouldn't be here monday to deliver her (that was part of a discussion about possible induction over the weekend.). well, at 6.30am he was, of course, still on call. so the nurses let him know we were here. shortly thereafter, after being settled in the LDR (labor/delivery/recovery) room, the nurse came in to INFORM us that he was going to come in and break my water and start pitocin to get the baby out. we were instantly saying... "um...No....." (obviously, folks, there was no reason to do such things, as labor was progressing completely naturally, and that very quickly!) she told the dr., who was apparently fine with that decision.

And sure enough, Jocellyn was born at 9.56am!

we have had a nice day recuperating, just the 3 of us. naya has apparently been very good for the blessed neighbors. we are planning to spend a 2nd night here in the hospital, and go home on wednesday morning. just in time for my parents' arrival late wednesday night! :) i'm SO glad that she was indeed born before they came, esp. since my dad is only able to stay for 4 nights. it would've been a bummer to be in the hospital for the majority of that precious time!

baby jocellyn is learning how to nurse, and we're discovering that she already has a little temper! :) but she sleeps almost constantly in between feedings, so that is a blessing. especially considering we only got 3 hours of sleep before this marvelous day! i was exhausted throughout the whole labor. glad it was only 5.5 hours from start to finish!

truly, friends, the Lord has been GOOD to us. we have tasted and seen, and now we share it with you, with the joy He has given us in Himself. praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! (not to use a pun, but continuing on....) In His great mercy He has given us NEW BIRTH into a living hope, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade, kept in heaven for YOU, who through FAITH are shielded by God's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in these last times. in this you GREATLY rejoice (!!!).... (etc, etc, etc... glory to Jesus!!)

the birth of a baby is indeed a precious and marvelous, beautiful thing. and so it is with God- with our hope in Christ Jesus. amen??

full of joy and more joy,

Noe, Lisa, Adannaya, AND Jocellyn Naomi :)