Oh Poo...

Sorry for the title...
Today I had the surprisingly (??) unpleasant experience of emptying poop out of a toddler potty. On second thought, I do believe that calls for an exclamation mark, or several. (!!!!!!) Yes, Naya officially "took a dump" in her little toilet this afternoon! :) We were hoping that she'd pee, but she definitely exceeded our expectations. (Poor little girl was traumatized though, as evidenced by her wailing as she stood in her room rocking back and forth, unable to rejoice in her triumph!) She was promptly rewarded with chocolate, and we praised her for a good 5 minutes! Now she is off to dreamland... We are proud parents, and will tell you in person once we've removed the obligatory nose-plugs. ;)
Click on the link below (the underlined statement) to see a little Youtube clip of Naya. :)
Recent Naya Footage

From Jocellyn's little corner, she is just recovering from having a fever over the weekend. We're thankful she had no other alarming symptoms, as Noe had all the symptoms (minus the diagnosis) of strep throat. He is finishing up a round of antibiotics, and is back to the grind, having only missed Friday's classes.

I have just barely avoided such maladies, and am enjoying, along with Noe, our classes this semester: We just finished a class on the Prophets, which began the first week of this semester (in January). I believe it was a 6-week course, during which we read through all the prophets, except for Daniel, in their entirety. We have a much better understanding of what those books meant to the nation of Israel at that time. (This is obviously very important for believers as we draw out personal applications here and there... those are absolutely fine so long as we hold up the original context as well... and yes, this includes the beloved Jeremiah 29.11.) Now we are well into our class on the Life of Christ. This is a 40-hour class (we are about 27 or so hours in), and very thorough historically and culturally (with much help from our textbook and a few other supplemental readings). I can't tell you how unbelievably refreshing it is to read through and study the Gospels... as believers, we ought to do this regularly! Or to rephrase that- as DISCIPLES of Christ, as we ought to be, we need to dive in and abide, abide, abide! For indeed, as our instructor mentioned, there are many born-again believers who are not disciples. Being a disciple is also a choice. Christ Himself has said, "If you hold to my teaching, you will be my disciples." -John 8.31 (8.30-32)

In a couple weeks, we will begin our class on the book of Acts, followed a month later by 1 Corinthians. That will take us to the end of the semester. And this has taken me to some points of prayer, if you are willing.

~Please thank the LORD with us for His marvelous Word!

~Please pray that as we look ahead to the summer (employment, housing, travel needs), that He will provide according to His will for us.

~Please pray for good health, as well as endurance and joy to complete the rest of this semester's classes. May we truly be enamored with His Word, and may He teach us to walk and live in His ways, guided by the Holy Spirit.

With all our love,
Noe, Lisa, Adannaya & Jocellyn

PS- Naya turns 2 1/2 tomorrow, March 9th! And Jocellyn just turned 4 months old on March 2nd!