Two Places at Once!

No, not a miracle... but our family is currently in two places at once. Noe is in Jackson (MI) working - we are very thankful for two employment positions! He is working a part-time retail job, but also enjoying ministering to a precious group of youth in a nearby Church.
The girls and I flew out to Seattle nearly two weeks ago to visit our families and our Church families. Noe will have the pleasure of joining us on July 9th! Can't wait!! It is difficult to be apart for such a long time (and no, I'm not attempting to draw any comparison to you, sweet military wives! Don't know how you do it!). Especially for Noe as he is working, while we are out here having a blast with relatives and friends.

Classes ended mid-May, and another group of graduates is headed off to the Missionary Training Center, as well as other wonderful opportunities to serve the Lord! We will return to Jackson on July 20th, and quite promptly move into an apartment with running water and a private bathroom- and windows (ahh, daylight!)! We are looking forward to this marvelous blessing! On August 11th, we will 'officially' re-unite with a group of students and staff for some training and Bible study (we have the opportunity to serve others more specifically during this next year of school). Classes begin somewhere around August 23rd.

NOTE: The next few paragraphs are a very detailed summary of our activities the last 2 weeks. Feel free to skip!

The girls and I (Lisa) have been thoroughly enjoying our time in Seattle. We've been 'busy' doing fun things and visiting family since the day we arrived. The girls did a great job on the planes, by the way (on Wed. May 26th). Going through security with only 2 hands was the hardest, most stressful part of the journey. After that, it was essentially "a breeze." We were met most lovingly at Sea-Tac by my parents and Noe's mom (Marina). Naya recognized them through the open sliding doors and ran to greet them. :) Marina joined us at my parents' house (where we're staying) for dinner and a little catching up. We spent all afternoon Thursday at Marina's house, where we also got to see Celia, Noe's sister, and their 3-year-old daughter Sophia. Naya and Sophia had fun playing throughout the next week. Had dinner with the Santanas! On Friday morning, we girls went out to have lunch with Great Grandma Roe and Great Grandma Higbee (who is now officially "Great Grandma Hippie." That night, my parents and I took Naya and Jocellyn to the Bellevue Kids Quest Museum- Naya had a blast with all the hands-on activities! On Saturday, Chelsea came up to spend the day. Due to the threat of rain, we scratched the zoo plan and went to the Seattle Aquarium, which Naya loved! Then we enjoyed a relaxing evening at home, after a stop in at Chocolopolis for THE best hot chocolate. :) on Sunday, it was enjoyable to worship at Boulevard Park Pres. Church, and reconnect with some of the folks there.

On Monday the 31st, we picked up Marina and went to the Mariner's game (also saw some friends from Grace there!). Turned out, of course, to be Griffey's last night before retiring. Umm.... I think it's better that way. :P Tuesday, we visited one of my mom's friends who will be moving soon. Naya enjoyed playing with some new friends that day, and then seeing her cousin Caleb play in his high school band concert. On Thursday, we had dinner at Chayo and Marely's house, and Naya got to spend some play time with Daniel and Josiah (whom she calls "Josi-acah". Friday, after a short trip to the U. Village with Grandma, I took the girls down to Olympia to have dinner and fellowship with Jason and Chelsea! SO great to see Jason! Naya loved playing with Tia Chelsea, and got to know 'Naimo (their cat) a little better. :) Saturday was my grandma's piano recital (for her students), followed by the traditional dinner at Louie's Chinese Restaurant. Fun to see Uncle Scott, Uncle Dave and Aunt Robin. And Sunday, I had the privilege to play piano for my dad again at Boulevard. We also hit some graduation open houses on Saturday and Sunday. Can't believe that kids I babysat are grown up and headed off into the world! It doesn't make me feel old, in case you felt like pointing and laughing at my own young age.... but it does indicate to me that time is indeed moving. :)

I anticipate a significant slow-down in our activities now... it's been quite the whirlwind, as you can see, of visiting families and 'doing' things! There are many more things we'd love to do while we're here. But having some down time is good too. :) Before we know it, we'll be back in the grind.

My Current Thoughtful Rambling:
I've been thinking lately about the word: COMFORT.  I think I definitely fall in within the ranks of people who want comfort. We like our comfort zones. I am wanting to address that in my life; to not be mastered by that desire. I don't think God says "If you're following Me, I want you to be UNcomfortable!" But He does let us know in His Word that following Him demands sacrifice- it demands giving up rights and letting go of self. (Matthew 16.24) Being teachable. Ok--- this is an area where I think I would have surpassed the apostle Paul as "the worst of sinners." (do we all have one of those areas??!) Anyway, being teachable, open-minded to Truth, willing to be corrected, etc. This boils down to abiding in Christ. To wanting more and more of Him. A longing to imitate Him as we are exhorted to in Scripture. To plunge ourselves wholly into His Word. If all believers were like-minded in this endeavor, just imagine.....!

We, as believers, are ALL in this together! We all ought to be actively about the will of God. What is that? To "go and make disciples of all nations..."  Let us RUN this race together! Or is there some greater prize here on earth we'd rather win? :)

Run, Church, Run! :) The Bridegroom will come shortly.