Let Us Spur One Another On...

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."  ~Hebrews 10.24

There are so many ways we have been encouraged, challenged, stretched, grown, refined- spurred on- during our time here at NTBI. And we hope that we can look back and see that we ourselves have actively spurred on our brothers and sisters as well as we all run this race together! We each need to be spurred on by the Word of God. This happens through the Word, by the Spirit, through faith, with the fellowship of believers.

We've been spurred on by the Body of Christ here at NTBI, and also by the Body back in Washington & Oregon. We are so appreciative of every believer who has invested in us already - how you've prayed for us, encouraged and challenged us through face-to-face talks, phone calls, emails, letters, practical support, and financial support. You are each so special to us, and we are so thrilled to have a growing number of you running along with us to carry the Gospel to some precious souls who have never heard the Name of Jesus before... they just simply have no access (no proximity, no local church) to the Gospel that has saved you and I. So to have you intimately involved in this great process along with us- WOW! We're so excited! THANK YOU for being on the team with us!

GRADUATION!!! Yep, it's finally coming around!
We will both graduate on May 21st from New Tribes Bible Institute. We've said this a LOT, but once again: what an amazing 2 years of studying His Word and knowing Him more it has been!
For both of us! Naya is ridiculously excited for Grandpa and Grandma to come out for that.

We are planning (and moving ahead with that expectation) to attend the Missionary Training Center (MTC) this August. So we will be sending our belongings to Missouri. We plan to leave Michigan early the morning of Thursday, May 26th. We should arrive in Seattle by the end of May, along with another family we'll caravan with (they're from Gig Harbor). We've been blessed with a place to stay during the summer, very close to our families and churches in Seattle. We hope dearly to visit with MANY of you during our time in Seattle, Cannon Beach, etc...

We've applied, and are waiting to hear from NTM regarding our acceptance once the last couple of reference forms are sent in. Hopefully you have received our recent newsletter. If you did not and would like to be on our list, PLEASE get in touch with us! We will also post it on the blog soon. We are currently looking for individuals and churches who would like to partner with us in taking the Gospel to the unreached. We are in need of financial help, prayer support, and strong fellowship in order to go through the training at MTC. We are very excited to get started with our training- the sooner we complete our 18-month training, the sooner we will be able to go out to the unreached. Would you like to help us get through our training? We would LOVE to have you as part of our team! This is not "me" and "you"-- this is US working together to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave us over 2,000 years ago - to "go and make disciples of all nations..." Each part of the Body is crucial to the fulfillment of His will and purpose. The foot can go, but not without the involvement of the rest of the body. Let's work together!

Lastly, for a little family update: The girls are doing wonderful. Naya's getting taller and more inquisitive all the time. Jocie is talking up a storm- repeating nearly everything she hears. They're both just completely adorable, if we do say so ourselves... :)
Noe is doing well..... he's really tired and had nothing else to add at the moment.... :)
Lisa is good- she had an x-ray recently of her left foot, which confirmed a heel spur that has been there for about 2 years. She will look into treatment options upon arrival in Seattle. Any resource suggestions would be appreciated! (yes, by the way, the pun was TOTALLY intended... let me know if you caught it...)

With love in Christ, our risen Lord!

~The Martinez family