Summer in the PNW

We have been enjoying our time in the Pacific Northwest very much! We've had quite a mixture of rest and busyness as Noe has worked, we have met with many, many people, we've had fellowship with our Family in Christ in Seattle and in Cannon Beach...

In the midst of that, we're eager to grow in our individual relationships with the Lord. Please pray for us! Attending Bible college has not made us 'super-Christians' or anything of the sort.... but every one of us should make it our ambition to know Him intimately. So we humbly ask for your prayers on our behalf. If we are not learning of Him and being poured into by the Source Himself, then we have nothing to stand on.

The girls are having a blast spending time with MamaMina, Grandpa (BaBa, as Jocie calls him), and Grandma. They've loved playing with their many cousins, and re-connecting with uncles and aunties. Play-dates with church friends have also been a delight for them. Naya is also anticipating the upcoming move to Missouri, encouraged by the thought of seeing some of her friends from NTBI in Michigan who will also be going to Missouri.

Three new believers baptized in Oregon!

One HUGE highlight from this summer was just recently in Cannon Beach- we had the opportunity to see three new believers in the Hispanic church get baptized in a river near the ocean! We knew them before they received Christ as their Savior, and so to hear them testify of their new-found faith in Jesus Christ, and to watch them demonstrate in front of others their identity with Christ's death, burial, and resurrection on their behalf by being, what a thrill! Glory to God!

If you're reading this and are in the PNW and would like to hear more about New Tribes Mission, or about what we're doing... or if you'd just like to catch up on life, we would love to get together with you before we head out to Missouri! Send us a message or give us a call. We will be in the PNW until August 8th.

~The Martinez Family
Noe, Lisa, Adannaya and Jocellyn