Off to MTC! Journey, Days 1 & 2

After a lovely final weekend in Seattle (which included playing piano for a wedding, a get-together with some Ecola friends at Lincoln Park, a nice church service at Boulevard Park church, and a wonderful family party (both sides of the family)....
...we drove away from Seattle Monday morning, August 8th! We are thankful for such a good time in the PNW, and we are also very excited to begin our training at the Missionary Training Center at the start of next week.

On Monday, we drove only to Prosser, WA, where we spent the afternoon and evening at Noe's sister's house. Naya had a blast playing with her 5-year-old cousin Sophia!

This morning, Tuesday, we left Prosser around 6.30am, and drove about 600 miles to Ogden, Utah.
Ogden, Utah

Tomorrow we plan to go about 600 miles again, which lands us in Ogallala, Nebraska. (actually, Google maps says it's 599 miles...)

We'll update again! We're thanking the Lord SO much for safe travel thus far (we waved smugly to the Les Schwab in Baker City, OR where we had to stop 2 years ago when we moved to Michigan!) (no, we didn't actually wave). Also we're thankful for the beautiful weather we're enjoying!

We're thankful for so many other things as well!! His provision, His above and beyond provision, and how can we forget the simple joy of His presence in our lives? He is good.

Being in Utah also causes us quite naturally to pray for so many who do not know and understand the Gospel of grace, and even for those who have known the Truth but have been deceived by something else. Truly, the opportunities for each one of us to share the Lord Jesus Christ with others are always right there, even as the wind brushes by our faces....