Off to MTC! Journey, Days 3 & 4

Beautiful SW Wyoming

We are SOOO thankful to have had an uneventful trip from Seattle, all the way to Missouri! We are in Harrisonville, MO, which is about 2 hours from MTC, and are enjoying one last night of quiet (is that accurate with toddlers?) family time before we dive in tomorrow.

We left Utah Wednesday morning, and landed in Ogallala, Nebraska. I hate to say it, but driving I-80 through Nebraska was dreadfully dull. Interestingly, though, the Nebrask-ans tried to keep us from leaving! The highway to take us from I-80 into EITHER Iowa or Missouri was closed... so we drove over 15 miles out of the way, for ANOTHER detour... finally, after entering Kansas, we were able to drive east into Missouri just north of Kansas City... Good riddance, Nebraska! :)

So, we plan to arrive at MTC in the late morning tomorrow, which will quickly transition us into unpacking mode. Noe will have to make a few trips to/from the storage unit, which is 3 or 4 miles away.

We are looking forward to meeting Tim and Sharon Simmonds, who are also missionaries supported by one of our churches in Seattle. They have been with New Tribes Mission for many years, and have volunteered to be our hosts when we arrive.

We will post again shortly after our arrival at MTC.

Please keep us in prayer as we unpack, get settled in, and begin our classes next week! Wow! We definitely admit that it is a bit surreal...

With joy and anticipation,

Noe & Lisa, Naya and Jocellyn