Our classroom at MTC
On Wednesday morning at 8am, we were all warmly welcomed to the MTC for our first day. Our class is made up of 46 or so students - families, couples, and singles. There are more than a dozen of us from NTBI in Michigan, a handful from NTBI in Wisconsin, and the rest come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including MK's (Missionary Kids), other Bible colleges, or other full-time ministries. Interestingly, one of our classmates is a gal who was our classmate at Ecola Bible School in Oregon back in 2003! She just returned from a year in Guinea, West Africa as an Associate missionary with NTM. We're happy to re-connect with her again after 8 years.

Our class will meet each morning in the Chapel. Classes are from 8am - noon. The first hour there is no child-care, so I listen online via live audio streaming. At 8.30, I head out the door with the girls for the 7-minute (give/take) walk down to the Child Care building. This building is directly across from where our class meets. I drop them off at 8.40 and take my assigned pager to class with me. The 8am class lets out at 8.45, and then Noe and I sit together for the remaining hours of class, from 8.55 - noon (with 3 breaks, including one longer coffee break). This will be the schedule each weekday, each semester.
Going to Childcare

Our Orientation classes will finish on Monday. Today, Friday, we actually began our first class: "Learning Styles." As the instructor so well put it,
"The relationships among a tribal church planting team can/will greatly enhance OR hinder the effectiveness and success of the ministry. THIS is perhaps the biggest reason for this class."
Although written with a missions emphasis, the concept applies to all of our relationships in the Body of Christ. And the bottom-line idea is that "I learn to understand OTHERS, not that others learn to understand ME."

After classes, we walk back home and have lunch. Noe heads off to work detail some of the days, while I put the girls down for their nap.

The evenings will be somewhat free. Sometimes we anticipate having homework study groups, or ministry opportunities elsewhere. But when the evening is free, we've enjoyed walking down to the lakefront to cool off in the shallow swim area. The property here is absolutely beautiful, and we're truly looking forward to our time here.

Keep in touch!

~The Martinez Family