Moral Support

We would like to steal a few blog entries (probably once a month) to specifically address the SIX main areas of support, any of which you are welcome to be a part of! We would only ask that you prayerfully consider each one, and let us know if there is a specific area you'd like to be involved in! (some of you are already involved in one or more areas, for which we are deeply thankful!)

Moral Support

Moral support is one of the (more than) six areas of support that are essential. I cannot begin to think how we would have any chance at literally going and taking the Gospel to an unreached people group whose language and culture are SO unfamiliar.. WITHOUT friendship, without love, without communication with family and friends. Without challenge in our walks, without accountability, without encouragement from the Word! I truly do not believe it is possible.

We feel this is one of the most critical areas of support, and we are actively seeking to build a committed, strong group of friends and family who feel they would be able to support us firmly in this area. A couple of lists below give examples of ways you can get involved in our Moral Support team. Realize that by being a part of this area of support, YOU are being an active part in taking the Gospel to the unreached. For He commands that we go and make disciples of ALL nations (language/ethnic groups). If you cannot go yourself, in what way are you being an active part of that mandate? This is one important and special way you can do that!

Ways to morally support the children- Naya and Jocellyn:
-Write them letters (or emails)
-Send them small things, like stickers...
-Occasional phone calls (no, they don't have their own phones...)
-A children's Sunday School class could 'take them on as missionaries to pray for and write to'
-When we're home, you can be purposeful at greeting them, taking them out for ice cream or to the park... basically, make it a point to be involved in their lives, even at a young age!
-BOTTOM LINE: Deep friendship

Ways to morally support Noe and Lisa:
-Write us emails (or letters)
-Occasional phone calls
-Accountability, challenges, encouragements from the Word
-When we're home, you can be purposeful at greeting us, helping us get settled in, be involved.
-BOTTOM LINE: Deep friendship

If you feel like this is an area you could/would like to commit to now or in the future, we strongly ask you to get in contact with us! The suggestions above are merely that... perhaps the Lord will use you in other ways!