"I Would Like To Buy a Hamburger"

For a good laugh, and a great phonetic experience, go to YouTube and watch the following video clip of Steve Martin in "Pink Panther":

We are in our second week of Phonetics class, and it is getting a little more challenging each day! We are currently learning how to write and pronounce the Phonetic alphabet correctly, and this class will continue to the end of the semester.

How many different ways can you think to spell (in English) the phonetic "i" as in "feet"?
  • be, feet, beat, ski, Crete, either, people, brief, key, Caesar
That's quite a lot, isn't it?! How about the phonetic "u" is in "boot"?
  • new, shoe, do, doozy, flu, blue, fruit, neutral, lieutenant

Mind-boggling!! Needless to say, it is a definite goal for missionaries, when creating a written alphabet for a tribal language, to avoid this kind of confusion! :) We hope to be there doing this one day, and so everything we're learning is both fascinating and helpful.

Our group studying/preparing our Foundational
Bible Teaching lessons (with Espressos...)
In our first October blog, we were preparing to teach the Foundational Bible Teaching lesson about the birth, growth, and baptism of Jesus Christ. Our lesson went very well! One key thing we have learned through this process (along with our class) is that there are some constant recurring themes that God has clearly revealed throughout His entire Word. Some of those are:
  1. God is the Creator, all-powerful, and always does what He says! (yes, those can be broken into 3 separate themes)
  2. Man is a sinner, helpless to save himself, and must come to God God's way
  3. Jesus Christ is both God and man, He is the only Savior, man must have faith in Jesus to be saved
Noe teaching the class in Foundational Bible Teaching
It is possible, and has been seen/done in tribal locations, to teach through the Bible chronologically without emphasizing these themes. The response of the people? "Those are some great stories!" We believe God was very purposeful in how He communicated with us in His Word. So as we anticipate teaching His Word to people who have never heard the Gospel, we are learning that we should likewise be careful in how we present (and represent) Him to others.

  • We would ask you to remember us in prayer, as these are also stressful days for us. Pray for our marriage, for Godly parenting, and for loving relationships with our fellow students and the staff. It is a blessing to be here, and we are thankful (SO thankful!) for all of you who are supporting us in one way or another!
Our campus small group (called E-Linc), having lunch together
In Christ, our Savior!

~The Martinez Family

PS---- Jocellyn turns 2 TODAY, November 2nd!!! Happy birthday, Jocellyn! :)