Prayer Support

(Recap): We would like to steal a few blog entries (probably once a month) to specifically address the SIX main areas of support, any of which you are welcome to be a part of! We would only ask that you prayerfully consider each one, and let us know if there is a specific area you'd like to be involved in! (some of you are already involved in one or more areas, for which we are deeply thankful!)

Prayer Support

The necessity, importance, and power of Prayer Support is something we cannot possibly emphasize strongly enough! When believers pray for one another, it is no small matter. Prayer ~ communicating with our God in heaven. Directly, with boldness and joy, through the finished work of Christ!

And Scripture is full of encouragements and exhortations for us to be in prayer: for our own relationship with Him, as well as for one another. We are told to "always pray for all the believers everywhere!"

Prayer is one of the most critical areas of support, and we are actively seeking to build a committed, strong group of friends and family who feel they would be able to support us firmly in this area. We do not take this lightly! (Note: are you already committed in prayer for us? PLEASE let us know, so that we can be encouraged to know how our support team is growing and shaping in this area!)
We have made some suggestions below on ways that you, or a group, or as a church, can consider being strongly committed to pray for us (to lift us up before our Father in heaven!). Realize that by being a part of this area of support, YOU are being an active part in taking the Gospel to the unreached. For He commands that we go and make disciples of ALL nations (language/ethnic groups). If you cannot go yourself, in what way are you being an active part of that mandate? This is one important and special way you can do that!

Some suggested ways to support us in prayer:
-Regularly (could be weekly, monthly, quarterly) ask us directly for prayer requests
-Stay updated in general by reading our emails and blog entries, or call us
-Begin praying for us in your small group or Sunday school class
-Sign up for a specific day of the month to pray for us, perhaps using the calendar we've created on the Blog Home Page. (or click here)
-Please encourage us by letting us know that you are praying for us!
-Tell us how we can be praying for you. Know that as part of our team, we are praying for you.
-(There are also plenty of great resources with "ideas for how pray for missionaries", both online and in books)

If you feel like this is an area you could/would like to commit to now or in the future, we strongly ask you to get in contact with us! Have you thought of another way to support us in prayer? Tell us about it!