Communication Support

(Recap): We have been posting some special Support blog entries to specifically address the SIX main areas of support, any of which you are welcome to be a part of! We would only ask that you prayerfully consider each one, and let us know if there is a specific area you'd like to be involved in! (some of you are already involved in one or more areas, for which we are deeply thankful!) 
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Communication Support

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind!"

The goal of Communication Support is to eliminate/avoid the above quote!

It goes without saying that Communication Support is a two-way street. Without communication on either end, the list of negative side effects is perhaps endless. But if communication on both ends is strong, the list of positives is long and joyful!

Communication Support lies in between Moral Support (encouragement) and Logistical Support (information). We highly value it, and we know that there is too often the case of little - zero communication between missionaries and supporters/churches.

One side to this area of support is YOUR communication with US, as our brothers and sisters in Christ... as our friends, as our accountability partners.

Ways to Support Through Communication:

  • Writing letters/emails/Facebook - even selecting a certain day each month to send us a quick "hello"
    • Write about how you are doing personally
    • Write about church and community life and events
    • Write to share encouraging things you've read or heard or sung... etc... You never know when God will speak through you!!
  • Phone calls/text/Skype - just to say hello!
  • Send photos (mail or electronically) ~ it's the only time we get to see your face!! This gives us the opportunity to put up photos to pray for you and revisit memories
  • Create videos
    • Record your small group some evening
    • 'Interview' people at church- ask them a question, or give them the chance to tell us something... or introduce us to new members of the church... etc!
    • Make a silly video just to make us laugh, or a 'video tour' of our hometown (just for fun!)
    • Don't forget the kiddos! Our kids love your kids... this is a fun way to keep a friendship going
  • Care packages
  • Come and visit us!!

The second side to this support is OUR communication with YOU. It is just as important that we are faithful in keeping you updated on all of life's happenings. We want to be consistent at writing, calling, sending photos, and just communicating with you in general!

If you feel like this is an area you could/would like to commit to now or in the future, we strongly ask you to get in contact with us! Have you thought of another way to support us through Communication? Tell us about it!