Yep, our trip to Seattle over Christmas break was as fast as toasting a pop tart. :) (ok... here it is, a clip from stand-up comedian Brian Regan on the complexities of toasting pop tarts!) Brian Regan: Pop Tarts

Spending time at Lincoln Park
with Grandpa and Grandma
The girls loved seeing their
We flew to to the PNW on December 14th, and just returned on January 10th. Being a bit tired, we decided beforehand to include more rest/down time than we normally do. This proved to be a much-needed refreshment for both of us. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their time with the family- grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunties, etc.

Naya enjoying some Dim Sum
We loved worshiping with our churches in Seattle, and we are thankful for the two lovely evenings we shared with many of you for our small group evenings. It was encouraging for us (and hopefully for you too!) to share pictures, videos, stories, and details about our classes. We hope you realize that the opportunity to share with YOU what we are doing in detail makes us feel connected with you even while we're living away! We don't ever want to be "the missionaries out there", rather we want you to be involved and aware of what we're doing, and where we are! So a big THANK YOU for your involvement with us!

CHRISTMAS.... Do you remember recently hearing about the Siar tribe in Papua New Guinea, hearing the Gospel for the first time? Well, the new Siar believers celebrated the birth of Jesus for the first time this year! That means they joined YOU in giving praise to God for sending His Son on their behalf. Here is the link to the story if you want to read all of it:

Next Wednesday, the 18th, our 2nd semester here at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) begins. We will be taking more practical skills classes, including Grammar, Field Health, and Missionary Technology (how to live in a remote location). Also, we'll have more classes about the principles of church planting, such as New Testament Church Principles, Animism, Folk Religion, and studying through Romans.

Naya sharing her song with
"Great Grandma Hippie" on Christmas day
Lastly, as many of you know, we are strongly considering the field of Papua New Guinea! We would love your thoughts and prayers as we look into it more this spring.

Thank you for your friendship, love, and support!

Great Grandma Roe and her 5
~The Martinez Family