Alarm Bells

"Hey! This will take us to Taco Bell!!!", Naya says excitedly, as she points to the bell-shaped button on the elevator.....

The kids really enjoyed our 3 nights in hotels during our 'long long long long long long long...' drive back to Missouri from Seattle. That is, all except for the 1.30am surprise fire alarm our final night, in Iowa!! :( (yes, it was a false alarm of course)

ENJOYING our old stomping grounds (Cannon Beach) ! 
The kids really are great travelers. Oh yes, plenty of whining and impatience (from all of us, not just the kids, you know...haha!), but all in all, we are very proud of them. It is 28 driving hours (plus the added cumulative hours for fuel and lunch and rest stops) at a minimum, and they've made this trip 5 times now. (God bless them!!)

Re-connecting with 'kids' from our
former Children's Ministry in CB!
We had a WONDERFUL summer in the Northwest! We hit the ground running, and stayed busy all summer getting together with friends, family, and churches. We enjoyed our 2-week visit to Oregon as well (not to mention the PERFECT weather we had there the whole time mid-70's, light breeze, NO rain!).

We were also thankful for the opportunities to share about our ongoing training with NTM. This is our last year of training, and then we plan to move back to Seattle as we prepare to go overseas.

Fun with the cousins! (kids' tea party)
If we didn't get a chance to get together with you this summer, please write or call us so we can be sure to see you next time we are in town (we will probably be in Seattle for a short visit over Christmas, and again next summer)!

We will post again soon about our classes as they start up next week! We are enjoying this quiet week of getting settled back in to our home and routine, and the girls are keeping busy playing outside daily with their many friends. :) Thank you for all of you who have come alongside of us in support and friendship!!

With love,

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocellyn