Too, To, Two, Through, You, Shoe, Blue, Flute, Suit, New, Flu

Learning the principle of Phonemics
Every one of the words in this blog title uses the same "u" sound, just spelled differently! In Phonemics, a class we took during our first week this semester, we learned in the context of other languages which of those words would be spelled with the phonetic "u" since the native speakers pronounce them the same and know their different meanings, and which of those words must be spelled differently.

For example, in English, we could not spell "too", "to", and "two" the same way: "tu", or else there would be too much confusion. However, we COULD spell "through", "blue", and "shoe" each with the "u" ("thru", "blu", "shu"), and no confusion would result.

We just finished our Literacy class last week. Practically, we put together a Literacy Primer, which is the method we will use in the tribe to teach the people to read and write in their own language. How many benefits can you think of for a tribal person learning to read and write in their own language?

Here are just a few:
  • The ability to record their own personal and communal history in writing
  • The creation of new jobs, both within the village and out in the town (where applicable)
  • Can eventually learn to read and write in the national language, for better communication with other tribes and with the country itself
  • Ability to record and read medical advice/information
  • Ultimately, the ability to read God's Word for themselves in their own language!!
These are just a few of the benefits of Literacy. This often forgotten-about area in Church Planting is so important! Often the missionary women have the opportunity to teach Literacy, at least to other women if not to a mixed group (it is not authoritative spiritual teaching). This is yet another reason why it will be helpful for Lisa to take the Linguistics course in January.

Currently we are beginning our CLA Practicum. This is essentially a 7-week 'simulated real-life' learning experience, during which we have the opportunity/responsibility to apply many of the Culture & Language Acquisition (learning) principles that we have been learning during the last year. We expect it to be both fun and challenging, and humbling as we place ourselves into a vulnerable situation. It is exciting to do this, anticipating what it may very well be like entering a tribe for the first time, not knowing their language and culture.
Fall Kick-off at the MTC

Please join us in praying that we will be GOOD LEARNERS, diligent in our studies, and most importantly, that as we continue preparing for this immense, 'impossible' task that He will draw our hearts individually and collectively into His own heart- that we will be IN HIS WORD!

In family news- Naya will turn 5 on Sunday, September 9th! She is excited for the special opportunity to take some ballet classes this year, which begin on the 10th. Jocellyn is catching up to Naya in height (she has already surpassed her big sister in weight, haha!), and is growing more every day.

Naya and friends, happy to be back together!
Please also be praying for Noe and the rest of the Martinez family in the recent death of his father.

We are THANKFUL to be here, and THANKFUL for all of you who are standing beside us in love and support!

With love,

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocellyn
We may very well fly in one of these
planes someday! (Enjoyed our tour
in Idaho on our way back to Missouri)