I did, and it was delicious!

Did you understand the question in the subject line?

It is amazing to consider the often 'quirky' spelling and speaking of our language, including our slang terms, such as the way we say: "dʒit" "instead of 'did you eat'.

The Linguistics course consists roughly of 2 main 'elements':

  1. Phonemics
  2. Grammar
I have just completed the Phonemics portion of the course (not to say that it won't come up again... a lot...probably...), and we are now diving into Grammar.

For a glance into Phonemics, see the previous blog post, entitled, "Linguistics Crash Course". In that entry I gave a description of the Phonemic process. I look forward to telling you more about Grammar and its place in Linguistics.

In family news:

Noe is keeping busy with the girls. The girls LOVE having their mornings with daddy, doing their 'school books', helping around the house, etc. Is it a test of patience? ................... ohhhhhh yes! :) But this is a good challenge, of course. :)
Noe has also enjoyed some free time volunteering in the IT department, hand-crafting a recurve bow, among other activities. He is currently teaching through the book of Revelation at our small group Bible study, and asks for your prayers.

Naya has transitioned from ballet classes to taking gymnastics lessons! This wasn't necessarily her wish, but since her participation in the 'spring' (mid-June) recital was not an option time-wise, we felt it best to give her an activity that she can be fully involved in.

Jocellyn continues to be her usual bundle of cuteness. She loves emulating her big sister- dance moves, activities.. oh, and she accidentally went sledding down the hill in front of our house by herself (not into a street, no worries!) yesterday... after Naya sledded down and landed in the firepit. Kids.....

So we're pressing on, with our sights set on heading overseas in just 17 months (Lord-willing!).

Thank you for your continued involvement in our lives,

~the Martinez family