Many Much Moosen

Grammar. Is. Important.

It matters the way words are constructed. Like the example below:

It also matters the way sentences are put together and what order the words are placed, such as the examples below:

  • “Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address while traveling from Washington to Gettysburg on the back of an envelope."
  • “Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years in Checkout Counter”

By the time this semester is over, we will have analyzed close to 100 languages (!)- the phonemcs and/or the grammar. Currently our focus is SYNTAX, the order of words in a phrase, a clause, and a sentence. 

I find that the higher up in the hierarchy we go (the farther away from analyzing individual letters/sounds/phones we get, the better I am at the Linguistic process... yikes!). Perhaps they should start introducing phonemics in high school! Haha! Watch out, young people!!

Anyway, by God's grace, I am plugging away at this course and am thankful to be learning all of the principles. I am trusting that they will be an asset to me in language learning, helping to develop literacy materials in a couple/few years, and ultimately in translating His precious Word into a tribal language- for souls who have never heard His Word before!!

Please pray for me that I will finish the semester strong.

In other EXCITING NEWS- you may have heard already about Noe's upcoming trip to Papua New Guinea in July! He is finalizing plans with other men he plans to travel with, and hopes to spend 3-4 weeks in PNG.  When we have additional details, we will share them with you. Would you pray with us that the Lord will guide these men in planning and preparations for this trip? We are also thrilled the He has already provided half of Noe's cost for this trip!! If you are interested in helping him financially with this trip, please let us know soon! Click the link below if you'd like info on how to give:

In family news- Naya is about to lose about 3 more teeth... so we'll make sure she sings some real special songs this summer... :)

Walking together with you by His grace,

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie