Headed home: Day 1, Missouri to South Dakota

Well, we made it out of Missouri!

Linguistics is over until the Cherokee practicum this fall. We packed, cleaned, and yesterday we moved out of our apartment. It was a little bittersweet... it has been many years since we initially desired to receive NTM's training. And now (hindsight often feels like the mere blink of an eye, doesn't it?) our training is essentially completed and we are on our way back to Seattle for the summer.

We were tremendously blessed to spend our last night in Missouri in the warm, welcoming home of some dear friends from church. They even treated us to coffee at 5am and pancakes for the kids. (Thank you, family!)

We drove out around 6.30 (a little later than hoped for, but Jocie was having some eye troubles which took a little time to resolve.

It was a long, 10-hour day in the car, but the kids did very well, and we are SO thankful to the Lord for His protection over us! Please join us in praying that the rest of our trip will be uneventful and that we will all have good attitudes toward one another. :)

*For some reason I am unable to upload any photos. But if you have a Facebook account, you can see a couple of photos there.

We're off to dreamland. Tomorrow we drive to Wyoming!

~the Martinez Family