Headed home: Days 2 & 3: South Dakota to Wyoming; Wyoming to Montana

Checking in once again from the looooooong and winding road :)

Yesterday we drove only about 6 hours, from South Dakota to Gillette, Wyoming. We stayed at our 'favorite' hotel... it has a fantastic indoor water park which our girls just LOVED last year, and again this year.

Any road trip is better with Starbucks, right? :)
Woke up un-bright and early and headed out for an 8-hour drive from Wyoming to Montana. We enjoyed dinner at Cracker Barrel (had to grab it one more time since our days in the midwest are nearly over!), and a little bit of relaxing in the hot tub.

Tomorrow we will drive about 8 more hours and at long last arrive in Seattle! We couldn't be happier that this road trip will be over! :)

THANK YOU for your prayers for us as we travel. The Lord has kept us safe for so many hundreds and hundreds of miles over these last 4 years! Please continue to pray for us, both for safety and for patience as we 'enjoy' each other for 8 more hours in our little moving box. :) (It's really been fine... and the girls have been pretty good. We're just getting tired!)

With love to each of you,

~the Martinez family