Headed Home: Sleepless in Seattle

Ready for the 2100 mile trip!

At the finish line! :)

Well, maybe we're not sleepless, but definitely lacking some zzzz's and still functioning in the Central time zone!

After a drizzly 8-hour (actually 10 with the 2 hour traffic delay coming into the Cascades!) drive, we arrived safely in Seattle on Monday night in time for a wonderful reunion and dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, and Mama-Mina. We are exhausted, and happy to be finished with the packing/moving and the road trip.
glad to see downtown Seattle again

As I mentioned, we're not adjusted to the time zone yet, so we were all up around 5am, and by 10am we were ready for lunch. :) We unloaded our trailer today, and then enjoyed one of our favorite PNW treats- pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), and bubble tea. :)
pho (!)

We enjoyed seeing much of Noe's family today, and we look forward to being refreshed during our time in Seattle- both by some rest, and by good fellowship with family and friends.

Noe leaves in one month for his trip to PNG. We will send an update soon... we are so blessed and overwhelmed to see the Lord providing for His trip!

With thankful hearts,

~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocellyn