Well friends, we once again find ourselves becoming surrounded by boxes and packing tape.
Although we will go to Oklahoma in the fall, this will be our last 'move' until we head overseas.

Jocie and one of her favorite friends
So as we prepare to leave this most recent 'home' of ours, it is only natural that we have been reflecting on these 4 years of training/equipping... considering the many things we have learned, and the precious friends we have made along the way. Not just friends for us, but for our children as well. We are also overwhelmed with thankfulness for the many missionaries who are here in the States teaching and training US to be able to go to the unreached! They have shared their lives with us- their experiences, their wisdom, and even their 'failures'.

the girls with a beautiful young lady who has a heart for the Lord :)
We are also thankful for the faithful believers who have come alongside of us, some for the entire 4 years, supporting us financially, prayerfully, and with good friendship.

We have been so completely blessed by the Lord!

Two weeks from today (on the 24th) we will drive out, towing a trailer with our belongings. We should arrive in Seattle on the 28th, and anticipate being greeted by some very excited grandparents. :)

We can't thank you enough for your prayers for us during this most trying semester of our 4 years in training. God has been very good to us, always faithful.

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...almost Seattle-bound! (for the summer, then to Oklahoma for the Linguistics practicum in the fall)

proud to be a 'gymnast'
~the Martinez Family

proud to be cute :)