Time to Teach and Learn

In just 9 days, Noe will travel to Papua New Guinea!

He is very excited, and it has also been an intense couple of weeks as the in-country details get made and changed (repeatedly). Please keep Noe and the other men in prayer as they seek to finalize their plans to best utilize the 25 days of the trip. As you might guess, they will  be doing a lot of LEARNING on this trip- about travel, about some basics of missionary life in PNG, about leadership we may be in contact with, and more!

NOTE: There is still time to give if you feel inclined to do so! His trip is funded up to 85%! (In our last update, he was at 65%. THANK YOU for praying and for all those who have so generously given financially!) Here is a link for how to give, or you can also contact us directly. http://usa.ntm.org/missionaries/noe-and-lisa-martinez

I'll be able to pass on updates periodically while he is overseas, and after his return, we will have much more to share about his travels.
The girls and I will be remaining in the NW enjoying time with family, friends, and churches.
Naya (brown dress) and Jocie (blue dress) enjoying time
with friends in the Northwest :)

On the TEACHING end, the girls will be starting homeschool next week! Naya will be in Kindergarten, and Jocie will do a 'light' preschool curriculum. I expect the Lord to be teaching me how to be a teacher, and how to be their mom at the same time (hehe), how to have more patience... and let's pray that they will both LEARN to be good learners and good listeners, and MOST importantly that they will see more and more of who the Lord is, who they are in light of Him, and at the right time that they will understand their need for Him and His provision for their need through Christ Jesus!

And now, what I KNOW you've been waiting for... a little PNG 'trivia'!

  1. PNG is approximately the size of what state?
  2. Approximately how many distinct language groups are there in PNG?
  3. How long does it take the average missionary to learn the national language of PNG?
  4. What is the time difference between PNG and the Pacific NW/Seattle?

Stay tuned- our next blog entry will contain the answers! :) 

With love,
~the Martinez family