Planes, Planes, and.... Planes

ready to fly
I believe the total number of flights Noe will have taken on this trip comes to 16! (Or 18? ... A LOT)

Most recently, he and Jack flew into a tribe that is a "new work" (meaning, the missionaries have just recently moved in and begun learning the culture and language). The tribe they visited a couple weeks ago is a "mature work" (meaning the Word of God has been taught, the Gospel presented, and there is a mature tribal church that is ready to spread the Gospel to neighboring tribes and languages!).

at a conference for tribal believers
The only glitch I am aware of on this journey so far has been some brake failure on their 6-hour drive to Madang last week. But thankfully the brakes 'fixed themselves' (no coincidence?) and they made it to Madang safely. Other than this, it is truly a blessing that they have enjoyed safety and health, and they've been SO encouraged by what they have seen and learned!

Noe will have the privilege to share more photos, and stories/details about his trip after he returns! :) Join in my in praying for safety and health for the remaining flights and travels. And also for my girls (and Jack's family)... my girls often randomly say "I miss daddy..." They are VERY ready for his return! :)

~Lisa (for the family)