"Oh-see-yoh" from Oklahoma!

Now you have learned how to say "hello" in the Cherokee language!
How to write it? Different story. :)

We didn't write as many blogs about our road trip from Seattle to Oklahoma, mostly because we planned to surprise visit some friends in Missouri as a little fun detour before heading down to OK. The surprise was a success and we enjoyed a couple days in MO, arriving at the camp in Oklahoma last Friday.

We are living at a Christian camp for these 7 weeks, and the facilities are comfortable enough as you can see. 

Noe and the girls are soaking up the fellowship with friends! All of the Ling students have 2-hour language sessions each morning. My language partner Katie and I drive about 20 min away to our language helper's house. She is in her 60's, very kind and sweet, and very willing and able to teach us her language. Oh and she is very patient with us as we have her repeat, and repeat, and repeat. :)
(Learning Cherokee words for numbers)

Why are we doing this?!?! Many have asked. Some have also asked in what part of PNG do they speak Cherokee?

There is no Cherokee spoken in PNG. The reason we are here learning Cherokee is not to become speakers of the language. We are learning to write and "say" several hundred words and phrases so we can determine the sounds of the language and analyze which of them are significant to speakers of the language. We also use the phrases and words to learn the grammatical structure.

These are principles we learned and practiced in the classroom last semester in Missouri. This Cherokee practicum gives us real life practice for entering an unfamiliar language and culture, learning the language, developing a written alphabet, and understanding the grammar.

We will be here for 6 more weeks, studying, enjoying the fluffy pets, and seeing friends out here while we can. 

Naya turns 6 on September 9th! Hard to believe!

Thank Him with us for giving us a safe drive from WA once again, including the blessing of seeing some friends in CO.

Pray with us that the practicum will be a fruitful time of learning and that we will enjoy spending quality time with our girls also! :)

Thank you for your continued prayer and support in so many ways!

-the Martinez family