Off to Ooooooooooo...klahoma ~ Day 1

the girls enjoying time with their Tia Celia and cousins
Day 1 is slightly deceiving as we did spend a few days in eastern Washington with Noe's sister and family. We really enjoyed our time there, reconnecting and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL scenery :) The girls had a blast with their cousin as well.


the beautiful 'mountains' of northern Utah

But Day 1 of the 'real' traveling was eastern Washington to Utah. We drove out just after sunrise (which was remarkable, and uncapture-able by the iPhone of course), and had an uneventful but LLLOOONNNGGG trip to Utah. We arrived after 7, had a quick swim in the pool and shared some pizza.

We are all exhausted. Sitting really takes a lot out of you.... ;)

So goodnight moon. We'll check in again soon. :)
Please join us in praying for continued safety. He has been so gracious to us!

~the Martinez family