We are all spilling the bowl of milk.

...and other such silly sentences that we would (hopefully) never say. :)

But the title of this blog entry is an actual sentence we learned in Cherokee.

Why?! We have spent a good portion of our language sessions learning verbs (yes, action words). We learned the verb "spill". Except there is no way to say "spill", for the word must include WHO is doing the action (...and the tense). So we learned how to say:
"she is spilling it", 
"you (just one person) are spilling it", 
"I am spilling it", 
"you (2 people) are spilling it",

AND the different tenses. Oh and it also makes a difference if it is just one object being spilled, or multiple objects. (And it can only happen on weekends...and holidays... And all throughout May... Hehe)

Enjoy some snapshots from the last week here in Cherokee land :) 2.5 weeks to go, then off to Colorado for 3 weeks where I will complete my write-up on the Cherokee language. Would you also join us in praying for our language helper's son? He is in the hospital lately, having difficulty fighting off a serious infection. 

'Where there is no doctor'... (split chin)

Putting those tech skills to work! :)

What do we do with our scorpions? Craft time, of course! Fridge magnets :)

Joy also comes in liquid form... in the midst of stress :)

And He pours out His joy in every season...

Naya chooses to eat with this crowd ;) Should we be concerned? Hehe