Hello from Naya!

Who are you, Naya? :)
Hi! My name is Naya.

I'm 6 years old, and my mom and dad decided that we are going to Papua New Guinea!

And I have a little sister named Jocie. And she's 4 years old. She turned 4 a couple weeks ago (months, hehe) and I turned 6 a couple months ago.

After spring we're gonna stay for summer. In the middle of the summer we're going to Papua New Guinea.

Why are we going to Papua New Guinea?
We're going there because we're gonna move somewhere else and we chose to move to Papua New Guinea to tell people about Jesus. We're going to speak about the Bible and tell them about Jesus, that He loves us and He cares about us. That's why we're going to Papua New Guinea. So that way we can tell the people in Papua New Guinea that "God loves you and He's taking care of you." Because they don't know about Jesus! And they need to learn about Jesus a lot because they don't know!

(Boy, when she gets going!....)

What are you nervous about? Excited about?
I'm nervous to talk to the kids because I don't know the language. And they might have paint, because I saw a picture of a kids with paint on their face and it looked 'kinda weird.' They also sometimes have orange feathers on their hats and like to put sticks through their noses. That's what I"m nervous about.

But I'm so excited to learn the language! And I'm a little excited to play at the beach and see the other kids. But I'll learn the language so I can talk to the other kids!

What will you miss about America?
I even will miss my grandma and grandpa and mamamina and my cousins and my tios and tias when we are in Papua New Guinea. We're gonna stay for a reeeeeeally long time, but then we will visit soon, and then go back to Papua New Guinea. We'll even visit some people we go to small group with and do music shows with and gymnastics shows and I even got to teach them how to dance... (she kept going about this for awhile....haha!  But you just learned about her interests- music, dance [ballet] and 'gymnastics'.)

Is there anything else you'd like to tell everyone? :)
We are missionaries, we like to tell people about God. And my daddy speaks in the church and he tells about God and reads the Bible. He's nice. He helps with our homeschool too, and my mom helps with my cursive writing, and I'm learning my cursive words now. And Jocie's learning how to do her letters and she's doing math and coloring pictures. She really likes to do that. She really likes to trace.

Bye! And you should tell people about God, too!

Love, Naya