Go Team, Go!

GreetingsGOHAWKS!! (wow... sorry...)

We're not quite sure where January has run off to, but here we are now, less than 6 months from our planned departure to Papua New Guinea!

Heading to the OR coast!
Yesterday we drove down to the Oregon Coast, where we will spend the next few weeks sharing our calling and vision with churches and individuals, and inviting the Body of Christ to get involved with us in this amazing task of church planting!

Below is our (vague) schedule if you'd like to visit us, or if you'd like to be part of our Prayer TEAM for our travels - (Health, Safety, Fruitfulness). You're welcome to contact us if you'd like more details! (We try to be somewhat careful what we post online) We'll be sharing in a few churches during this time. We'd LOVE to see you, and if you'd like to hear about what we're doing, we have some small group opportunities for you to be a part of!

  • This week we will be in Seaside and Cannon Beach.
  • Next weekend (the 6th - 10th) we will be in Hillsboro, Newberg, and the Portland area.
  • The 11th - 13th, Noe has the opportunity to teach a short Missions course at Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach.
  • We'll be near CB until the 27th, including a couple visits to Manzanita.
  • On the 28th, we drive down to California to spend a few days in Modesto.


Financial TEAM Update!

One of the biggest factors for us to be able to travel to, live in, and minister well in Papua New Guinea is sufficient financial support. We are very encouraged to be at about 65% of our recommended monthly support!! When we reach 75% we will be able to apply for our Visas and purchase plane tickets. Our goal is to reach 100% of the recommended monthly support level.

Here's an idea of what this could look like- to gain the remaining 35%, we would need:
-15 people at $100/month,
-25 people at $50/month,
-40 people at $25/month

Would you consider if the Lord would have you get involved in this way? Please join us also in praying that He will indeed provide for us to not just reach the minimum of 75%, but the whole 100%!

Visit our "Ways To Give" page, and the NTM links, to find out how you can become part of our TEAM today!

*Please remember some of our co-workers in prayer- the Myers family and the Goheen family. They've just arrived in PNG and are beginning to learn the national language and culture! This is what we will be doing in just a few months!

THANK YOU for your love, support, friendship, prayers... Our next update will include an update on our preparations for moving overseas (paperwork, packing, etc...), and more ways you can get involved- even a "small" thing such as sharing a cup of coffee to help us regain some sanity... :)

Counting downGOSEAHAWKS!!! (wow... again, sorry?...),
The girls enjoying their cousins

Noe and Lisa, and girls