Our New Home?

At a missions conference this past weekend in Oak Harbor, not only did one man ask if he could sleep in this 'hut' overnight, but we had many folks jokingly (well we think they were joking?) ask if this is what our tribal house will look like.

It would be safe to say that is our #1 FAQ these days- "What are you taking with you to PNG?" or "What kind of house will you live in?"

The short, summarized answer is: Balance.

  • We will not be living is primitively as the people. Why? They spend the majority of their time each day hunting, tending their gardens- surviving! Our purpose for going there is not to survive alongside them, but to learn their language and culture in order to share the Gospel with them one day! We don't want to be distracted from this goal.
  • On the flip-side, our heart is not to build ourselves a dream home, or strive to be super comfortable. We want to choose "tools" that will help us to best utilize our time and efforts. Embellishing our home will not be important. Having it functional and livable WILL be important. 

It is getting into crunch time! We would like to call your attention to our three main areas of support and the ways you can get involved NOW.

  • Financial: We are at about 70% of our recommended monthly support level. This is very exciting! We are asking the Lord to bring us to a full 100%. If you are planning to support us monthly but have not begun, would you please let us know so we can factor that in? Also, we are asking you to be an advocate for us- can you think of others who would be interested in hearing what we're doing and getting involved? Would you be willing to host a small group of YOUR friends/loved ones for an evening and have us share? We will even bring coffee. :)
  • Prayer: Not too long ago, we sent out an invitation for anyone who'd like to commit to be a part of our prayer team. We will send out emails to these individuals only, so if you would like to receive our detailed prayer requests, please contact us with your email address and let us know you'd like to join our prayer team. You can also sign up to pray for us on certain days/dates with our Prayer Calendar (click here). This will hugely encourage us.
  • Moral/Encouragement: No, we are not asking for a fabricated friendship. :) But we would ask you to remember that keeping in touch regularly with brothers/sisters in Christ across the seas is an incredible encouragement! We include our children in this- if you would like to stay in touch with our girls, or if you have children who would like to do so, PLEASE do it! Add a reminder to your calendar to make it happen (or is it only me who needs a gentle reminder?). 

Thank you for your partnership with us in this work!

We will be sharing with a church in Newberg, Oregon on April 13th, and then we will be spending the next week + in Golden, Colorado. We hope to see many of you!
Future missionary... :)
~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie