He Hears!!

Within 40 minutes of posting our last blog entry (on April 14th, en route to Colorado), we received an email that our Work Permits had finally been delivered into the hands of our NTM representative in PNG! PRAISE THE LORD!
Thank you for your prayers ~ He hears.

We are now finalizing our Entry Permits, so do continue to pray for this process, that there will be no hiccups.

Following this during our road trip was not optional... :)
MORE answered prayers: We're thankful to have had a completely safe trip to and from Oregon and Colorado, and arrived back in Seattle on April 25th (and indeed, all we needed that day was a light jacket, as someone pointed out...).

We hit the ground running, and with the help of family and friends (including those who brought us canopies during Saturday's rain! Thanks!) we had a very $ucce$$ful garage sale this weekend. We trust that you all enjoyed the food... we received many compliments! If you'd like to taste that food again, we'd invite you to host a casual dinner evening of friends/family. We'll provide the meal and share about our ministry. You provide the home and the guests!
'Can life get better? I submit that it canNOT!'   :)

JOIN US this Saturday for our GO Team Day! This is an opportunity for you to get closely involved in supporting missionaries! But not only that, this DVD series will inspire ideas for you to connect with other believers in many areas. Come for some or all of the day. Sit and enjoy along with us and brainstorm about supporting missionaries... FOOD is provided (how can you turn that down?), and coffee (...how can you turn THAT down?!)... Hourly details are listed below if you want to come for certain hours:

9:00- the need for care
10:00- moral support
11:00- prayer support
12:00- financial support
1:00- logistics and communication support
2:00- reentry support

*Contact us to RSVP and for directions.


We are now selling tickets for the 
Tribal Bound Auction on Friday, June 20th 
7.00pm ~ Fremont Abbey, Seattle 

A wonderful summer dinner, silent and live auction, and a dessert dash are included in the $20 price. Note: Child care is also available at Grace Church in West Seattle for $10/child. Contact us for additional details.

Do you enjoy an auction? Do you have family/friends that also would enjoy bidding on items? Contact us today to reserve your seats, or if you'd like to volunteer to be a table host (you will be responsible to sell all 9 seats at your table). 

THANK YOU for your love, support, prayers...

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie
Blurry, but worth 2,000 words.
This is Esther, the beautiful woman who
has opened her home to us these last few years. :)