On Your Mark....

Well, it's safe to say that we are now lining up at the starting blocks. Or perhaps we're like a horse entering the starting gate, eager to burst out and start the race.

Thank you to all who recently prayed for our visa application process. With the power of your prayers reaching His ears, our visas have been APPROVED, and we have them in hand!

With plane tickets purchased and work visas approved, we have no obstacles between us and Papua New Guinea! 
(except the very large ocean) 
We are READY!

Ok, well.... we still have MUCH to do in preparation. Packing, sorting, thinking, goodbye-ing...
(Teaching the girls some entry level construction skills... how special it would be for them to help build our house in the jungle!)

Our hope and plan is to involve you in all of this. This is a partnership after all. We have the privilege of being the FEET and going. But we don't take lightly the partnership you share with us - each financial gift given, each prayer offered up, each email or text or phone call to encourage us... THANK YOU!

With that said, we hope you will be able to join us for our final stateside gatherings, and that you will be sure that you are connected to our email list and our blog.
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There are a limited number of tickets for this FUN event! Contact us today to reserve your tickets. Some more of our auction items include: 
Disney tickets (!!), hot air balloon rides, a beautiful flower bouquet, a stunning painting from the Dominican Republic, handmade jewelry from a beautiful woman at Grace Church, a 2-night stay at a lake retreat home....

Don't miss this event! Not only will it be fun and full of great auction items, but it's another way you can be involved in tribal church planting- proceeds will go toward our outgoing and startup costs in PNG.

Finally, STAY TUNED for dates coming up in July for:
  • Commissioning services
  • Open houses (aka farewells... no crying!)