21 Days of Prayer

Below is our 21 days of prayer, for each day of July beginning July 1st. Please join us in praying each day! Print it out and stick it on your fridge. Or pray with your kids over dinner. Or....

Thank you for partnering with us!

for the Martinez family
NTM Church Planters
in Papua New Guinea

1.             Pray for our personal walks with the Lord, that we will individually draw near to Him in this time of transition.
2.             Pray for our family relationships in the midst of many stresses. Marriage, parenting, and extended family.
3.             Pray for comfort, peace, and trust in God for our families and good friends as we say farewell.
4.             Pray for a weekend of refreshing as we spend a few short days (July 3-6) at a lake cabin.
5.             Pray for the tribe we will be serving among (we hope to know which tribe it is within the next few months), that He would “ready their hearts”.
6.             Pray for our future co-workers, whatever families and/or singles we will be partnering with in a church planting work.
7.             Pray for our health on this day (July 7) as we get our second round of immunizations for PNG. Pray for our health in general as we travel and transition to a new climate and culture.
8.             Pray for our final shopping and finishing up any/all paperwork before leaving the USA.
9.             Pray for Naya and Jocie, that they will mutually stay in contact with little friends in the USA, AND that they will make new friends quickly in PNG.
10.         Pray for Esther, the lovely woman who has opened her home to us the last few years, as we leave her home.
11.         Pray for our church families, that we will stay mutually connected and share this work of church planting together.
12.         Pray for our extended family farewell gathering today (July 12), that lasting memories will be made.
13.         Pray for Noe and Lisa, that they will maintain good friendships in the USA and make new friends quickly in PNG.
14.         Pray for the girls’ education, that they will do well in homeschooling, and that Lisa will have wisdom in teaching them.
15.         Pray for logistics of travel, and of allocating into a tribe in just a few short months.
16.         Pray for the support missionaries in PNG, that the Lord will bless their ministries and fill their hearts with encouragement and joy.
17.         Pray for each member of our Support Team (financial partners, prayer warriors, encouragers…), that the Lord will richly bless each one and allow them to continue this important work.
18.         Pray for the country of PNG, that the Lord will continue to reap His harvest there where the fields are white but the laborers are few.
19.         Pray that the Lord will raise up more workers for His harvest field, in PNG and all around the world.
20.         Pray for us today, our final day in the USA. Pray that somehow He will give us rest before our travels.
21.         TAKE-OFF! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray as the Lord leads.

~Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we travel for the next 3 days, as we transition to life in PNG, and as we begin all that He has in store for us. Be sure to stay connected through email, our blog, and Facebook.

Lots of love to you and THANK YOU for your prayers!