Mipela i lainim Tok Pisin!

It means "We are learning Tok Pisin (Pidgin, the national language of PNG)!"

Today was August 24th. That marks one month since we landed in PNG. Can you believe that?!

Helping fuel the NTM helicopter
It has been a busy and fruitful month of adjusting and learning, and lately starting to really dive in to language learning and experiencing the local culture.

All four of us have done remarkably well adjusting to the climate. The girls complained MUCH less than I anticipated, and that's been a huge blessing. None of us have been hit with homesickness (but don't worry, we think of you all frequently and we miss you a lot!), which is a huge praise!

We've been able to get out into the nearby villages quite a bit, both as a family, and Noe by himself. So we've started building on some new friendships, and we've both found individuals who are willing (and excited) to help us learn the language.

Through language sessions and conversation/storying, we are learning the language more each day. Also recently, a group of believers from a tribal church has visited, all of whom are great 'teachers' for those of us learning Tok Pisin.
We're thankful for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

The girls' first time seeing a chopper
We have now visited two different national churches in this area. One of them has a Sunday school class for kids, which Naya in particular enjoyed. Twice a month we are also meeting together as believers here at NTM, which is a huge encouragement.

We're becoming increasingly familiar with the logistics of going into Madang town for groceries and produce from the market. Noe is a great driver... he usually stays on the right correct side of the road ;) And he knows where the 'surprise' pot-holes are now. The girls enjoy going to town with us... well ok not really, but they know that going to town is their only chance to get an ice cream cone! :) So they usually don't complain...too much.

Naya is plugging away at 1st Grade, and doing very well! Jocie is doing preschool (when she's not playing with her little friends next-door, Nora and Rinn), and we are starting to focus on forming letters and numbers. She'll start Kindergarten next July hopefully.
Jocie, with friends Nora and Rinn

We're VERY thankful to have all been quite healthy for this first month! THANK YOU for your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial support! We are here because of you, and we want you to feel involved and BE involved. (What would you like to hear about? Feel free to email us with questions or comments ANY time!)

~the Martinez family

p.s. -- stay tuned for info on Naya and Jocie's upcoming blog! (Not a post- their OWN blog!) Another way for your kids, and kids in your church, to get a window into the lives of missionary kids growing up in another culture, getting to know Jesus, and having the opportunity to share Him with the unreached!

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