First Language Check!

Language learning
Well, we have been in PNG for nearly 2 months now, and in just a couple days we will have our first language check! There is a CLA (Culture & Language Acquisition) consultant who happens to be in town this week, and he has offered to do our language checks/evaluations.

So we will both sit down with him and some nationals for a couple hours to be evaluated on what we’re learning of the culture and how we are filing our data, as well as an extensive evaluation of our progress in learning the national language, Tok Pisin.
Please pray that we will think clearly and do our best!

(We are also going to have someone give a language check to our girls! They are old enough to learn quite a bit, and they’re doing pretty well at grasping some basic vocabulary and practical expressions.)

The time is passing quickly- we are already halfway through our time here in Madang. Can you believe that? J When we know more details, we will let you know about our upcoming Bush Orientation (and what that means).

Naya learning how to scrape coconut meat,
Jocie having her hair braided
We are praying a lot these days as we consider partnering with two other families in a church planting work. JOIN US in praying for this important decision! We will update you when we can.
We made Mexican tacos for some of the believers
who are visiting. A cultural experience for them! :)

Thank you for keeping up with us! It’s a joy and blessing to have your support and partnership.

Check back soon for an update on our language check!

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~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie
Jocie with her friend Nora