Higher Ground

Our time of initial orientation to the national language and culture of PNG is wrapping up, and we are preparing to move to a higher elevation for a few weeks. I for one will thoroughly enjoy some chilly nights and chilly mornings – sweater? Blanket? A hot beverage in the morning because I’m actually cold? Bring it on! I won’t lie, I recently saw a photo of our friends Ryan and Katy wearing winter coats and holding those gorgeous red Starbucks cups. As I looked at the photo, I’m convinced that I started sweating even more. I can’t imagine cold weather now!

We will celebrate Thanksgiving in the highlands this year. We’re not sure what that will look like. But a warm “Happy Thanksgiving!” from us to all of you back home! If you see our FAMILIES, please extend a warm greeting and hug from us! (And yes, I’m sure many of them are reading this, so now if you DON’T, it may get a little awkward! Haha!)

Following our time in the highlands, we will move on to our Bush Orientation. We will be in a hot climate again for that time, but it is apparently also one of the most beautiful locations in the world. So we’ll look forward to sharing photos with you afterward! Beyond the beauty, however, there are thousands and thousands of precious souls who have NO access to the Gospel in their language.

With that in mind, please continue praying for us as we look toward what church planting work the Lord would have us be a part of, whether a new or existing work, and in what region of the country. Pray for our future co-workers, and for the people we will have the opportunity to serve (see our previous blog post for a glimpse into what that process looks like!).

Language Progress: Last week we had our second language evaluation, and we are both making good progress in Tok Pisin. We are both at the “Progressing High” level, and during our Bush Orientation time, we should be able to ‘check out’ of the language at “Capable High”.

Naya and Jocie also had their second language evaluations last week! Jocie was very shy, but she was able to acknowledge that she knows some words and phrases. Good job, Jocie! Naya, the social butterfly, also did well, and she even told the language consultant the ‘story’ of what we did that morning. Well done, Naya!

As we move into another time of transition here, please pray that we will keep our sights set on the higher ground, the higher goals… what His ambition is. What the big picture is. It’s easy to get distracted by the little things.

Thank you for your friendship, prayers, encouragement, love, and support in so many ways!

~the Martinez family

PS- We have a NEW mailing address. Please contact us or our families if you would like it. It’s been SO fun and encouraging to receive letters, postcards, and care packages! Thank you!