2nd CLA Evaluation Results!

It's been 6 months since our last CLA Evaluation. We just had our second one this week!

(Hopefully by the time we're finished with CLA, we will have reminded you so many times what "CLA" stands for that you will be saying "Culture and Language Acquisition" in your sleep!)

So what is a CLA Evaluation like?

A consultant comes in to the tribal location and spends several days with us, discussing elements of the Culture we have been learning, evaluating our Grammar proficiency with one of our faithful language helpers, and giving us many Language/Speaking Tasks to perform out in the village. After this is all finished, he gives us an idea of how far along we are in learning the language to a Capable (Capable High) level. He also gives us LOTS of guidance and direction for how to proceed until our next evaluation. We're very thankful for the time and energy that he puts in to helping us do the best we can, for the purpose of reaching the Tigak people as effectively as possible.

We've put together a video that will give you a glimpse into this week's Evaluation, including Naya and Jocie's mini-Eval!

Check it out here: https://vimeo.com/167384249

And what you've all been waiting for: Our results! The chart to the right is merely a gauge, to give an idea of how far we've come, and how much we have left to accomplish. Our consultant put Noe at Progressing Mid, and Lisa at Progressing High. The "Progressing" level is basically sentence-level speaking. "Capable" level is essentially paragraph-level (story level) speaking. The closer we are to Capable level, the more we are connecting sentences appropriately. We are both VERY encouraged with the progress we have made. Our consultant believes we can finish CLA in one year's time. Pray with us that we can accomplish this goal.

In Christ and for His glory!