Looking Toward PNG ~ How YOU Can Help!

As we look toward our return to PNG in June, we have already had individuals and small groups ask us what we need and/or want as we head back.

So we've made a list of opportunities for anyone who is interested in: purchasing a needed supply OR a fun gift, giving a one-time financial gift, joining our monthly financial or prayer support team, or committing to encourage us by staying connected while we are gone. We hope you'll find something below that you can participate in!

Please let us know if you have any questions. 3 months and counting till our return to PNG, Lord-willing!

Note: Contact us for details on items listed below at: noelisa_martinez@ntm.org




Tangible One-Time Gifts:

·      Choose from a list of needs off our Amazon Tribal Bound Supplies List: CLICK HERE

·      Choose from a small list of items for the Tigak church and community on our Amazon Tigak Church List: CLICK HERE

·      Choose from a list of fun things/wants off our Amazon Wish List: CLICK HERE

·      Contribute $ toward new phones

·      Contribute $ toward Passport renewals and PNG visas

·      Contribute $ toward a new school laptop for the girls

·      Donate used/old hand tools, such as hand planes or hand drills. Contact Noe for details.



·      Give a one-time financial gift toward travel expenses (airfare!) and supply buying in PNG

·      Commit to monthly financial support


*For info on how to give financially, click here: https://ethnos360.org/give/ways-to-give



·      Commit to praying one day a week, OR one day a month on our prayer calender here: PRAYER CALENDAR

Sign up to pray for specific believers! ( Names blurred out here for privacy. )

Sign up to pray for specific believers! (Names blurred out here for privacy.)

·      Sign up to commit to praying for specific believers! Choose a single man, single woman, married couple, or a child (get your kids involved by signing up to pray for a Tigak child!). Please email us with your preference, and we will send you a small info packet on the person/couple you will be praying for. Email us here: noelisa_martinez@ntm.org

·      Join our Prayer Team email list if you will commit to praying for our specific requests. Email us to join this list at: noelisa_martinez@ntm.org


Moral Support/Encouragement:

·      Commit to emailing or texting us from time to time (set reminders on your calendar).

·      Commit to sending us a letter occasionally (again, set yourself a reminder).


·      Send us a care package once or twice a year, or do this as a small group or family!


*For info on sending letters and packages, click here: http://www.martineztribe.com/letterspackages