Preparing to Dive In

It has been just over 1 month since we joined the Tigak team, and now we are just a few short weeks away from allocating (moving in) to the tribe! We have been keeping VERY busy with the many details of preparing for this big transition. Just a few things on our list have been:

Doctor appointments and ordering medical supplies to prepare for being in the bush

Doctor appointments and ordering medical supplies to prepare for being in the bush

Getting medical supplies packed. We won't have access to a decent medical facility or doctor, so having preventatives and treatments on hand is crucial.

Shipping our belongings to the islands!

Shipping our belongings to the islands!

Shipping our belongings to the islands. We were able to eliminate a LOT of 'stuff' - (building materials, household items, etc.) since we are going into an existing work with a house already built. So that's a huge blessing! The things we are choosing to ship over are mostly basics to help us be efficient with our time and resources so we can spend more time with the people! That is why we are here, after all. Our goal is not to survive alongside them, but to live efficiently so we can put our time into understanding and loving them well SO THAT we can guide them into the understanding and love of our Lord! 

Naya, ready for testing! She looks a little nervous? But she did great!

Naya, ready for testing! She looks a little nervous? But she did great!

Annual school testing. Each year, our mission provides standardized testing for all homeschool students in Grade 1 and older so that we can evaluate their progress, areas of strengths and weaknesses, and better equip both homeschooling moms/teachers and students. The big picture of this is so they are prepared to attend college in their home country, and/or even the mission school in high school if they so desire. If we as parents neglect their education, we aren't setting them up for future success, and we desire to do our part to equip them!

Taxes. Yes, that's been an added joy in the midst of allocation. ;)

Airfare and travel plans. Our location is very 'far out' (yes it's "cool", but that's not what I mean...), and we don't have the option of our mission's aviation for regular travel or med-evac. *Yes, this is related to the new Kodiak airplanes and was very much affected by Jon Leedahl's accident in October. The intense need for Kodiak pilots remains. Pray for the Lord to raise up more mission pilots! And continue praying for the Leedahls So we've purchased our commercial tickets, and before we move into the tribe we are excited to attend the regional missionary conference with our new co-workers!

Supply lists for allocation. We will purchase 2-3 months of supplies (groceries, household items) at a time, so that we aren't pulled into town too often. We're also thankful to have the mission center managers in the nearby town who are willing to purchase some basic supplies for us in advance. This way, we can move in right after the regional missionary conference and have some food and household supplies there to get us started until we can do our big supply buy!

Learning the state of the existing church. As soon as we move in, several men, both mission leaders and tribal church elders, will be coming in to meet with the Tigak church and evaluate where the church is in regards to growth and maturity. This will be a huge help to us as we look toward the big picture of coming alongside the Tigak church in discipleship and encouragement.

There is much more that's been on our plate lately, but that's a pretty good glimpse for you. 

We've been savoring this time on the mainland before we dive in to our ministry in Tigak. It's very similar to diving actually- we are essentially 'taking a deep breath' right now, because once we move in, we will be starting CLA (Culture and Language Acquisition) pretty much right away! That's right- now that we've learned enough Tok Pisin to communicate relatively well, we are diving in to learning the tribal language. (Yes, that's right again, the girls and I will be tri-lingual, and Noe will be... quatro-lingual? What is the term for that?! Anyway, I'm super proud of him, and I'm sure you are too!)

Diving is a good analogy of the ministry we are about to begin. Diving can be a bit intimidating. It requires you to be 'all in'. It requires full commitment. It also requires you to learn to pace yourself. And it also requires a great deal of trust, of resting in the One who is in control.

"The Christian life from start to finish is based upon this principle of utter dependence upon the Lord Jesus. There is no limit to the grace God is willing to bestow upon us. He will give us everything, but we can receive none of it except as we rest in Him." ~Watchman Nee

Pray for us:

-That the Lord will bless this 'deep breath' before we dive in to CLA!

-That the Lord will be our strength when we do start CLA and that we will run the race well!

With love,

the Martinez family

PS- We've also enjoyed celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary and my (Lisa's) 30th birthday this month! Woohoo!

We've Joined the Team!

Well friends, the day has finally come!

After 15 years (give/take) of anticipating being involved in church planting and Bible translation, we have joined a church planting work!

Last Sunday, 2-22-15, after MUCH prayer, thought, and seeking counsel, we decided to join the Tigak work. We are incredibly thrilled! (And many other emotions...)

We knew our girls enjoyed our time in Tigak for Bush Orientation. But before we made our final decision on Sunday, we sat down with them and asked them point blank: Would you want to live in Tigak? They both responded with a hearty, "Yes!"

We asked them, "Why?"

Naya's response was, "I want to see my friends again and learn the Tigak language so that I can talk to them and tell them about Jesus." (Wow! If that doesn't thrill our hearts as parents...)

Jocie's 5-year-old answer was a rapid-fire, "Because-there's-a-tire-swing!" (Uh-HUH...)

We then asked her, "What if there was no tire swing? Would you still want to go there?"

She then answered, "Yeah. I want to see my friends..."

All that to say... we are so overjoyed that we have been given the privilege to know Him, love Him, and serve Him together as a family! All four of us are excited to move into Tigak and begin learning the language and grasping more of the culture.

We can't WAIT to share this journey with you, our brothers and sisters in Him!

Be sure to check out our Bush Orientation video ~ these are some of the people that you will get to know along with us.

Bush Orientation

We’re back from our Bush Orientation!

We have just returned to the highlands after spending a busy and fruitful 8.5 weeks in the Tigak tribe. (Check out our video at the end of this blog!)

Here are some of the highlights from this time:

We both worked hard in our Tok Pisin (the national language of PNG) studies. We will have a CLA check soon (Culture and Language Acquisition) to see if we have both reached the ‘Capable High’ level of Tok Pisin. If so, we will be considered “done”/checked out of our national language study.

We enjoyed good fellowship with the missionaries who are currently serving among the Tigak. This included sharing in Christmas celebrations, eating and playing, and meeting as a team to discuss the status of the church plant in Tigak.

the Tigak church

the Tigak church

We met the believers in the Tigak church and mutually encouraged one another. Some of them were our Tok Pisin language helpers as well. We enjoyed worshiping the Lord with them each week, and walking throughout the village almost every day to visit them and observe their way of life. The Tigak church is made up of 12-20 believers. While these believers are firm in their faith, the need for discipleship is desperate. The believers have had very little discipleship, and are currently unable to reach out to the other islands where the Tigak people live. Picture it this way: these 12-20 believers are out of some 12,000 – 20,000 Tigak speakers!

We learned about the Tigak culture, including participating in both daily activities and special events. Noe was able to go spear-fishing or dive-fishing with the other men. Lisa and the girls got to help prepare mumus (cooking food in the ground with hot rocks and banana leaves) and weave mats. Our last week in Tigak, an elderly woman died. The entire week was filled with funeral preparations- building temporary houses and weaving mats for the walls and flooring, pig hunting and fishing, going to the mainland to work saksak for the workers that week and for the big gathering after the burial. One of the most interesting observations for us was the melding of many different worldviews/belief systems. Sometimes we look at these often-forgotten places and think that since they know the name of Jesus (and may even be able to testify of His death and resurrection!), that they must be saved. But during an event like this funeral, the truth of deceived hearts has a way of revealing itself.

During this funeral, for example, a man stood up and played some Christian songs on the guitar which everyone sang in Tok Pisin. The songs seemed very sound doctrinally! But the message that followed admonished the people to be careful how they dress and how they cut their hair so as not to mirror the image of Satan. Surrounding the gravesite were ‘charms’ made out of bush material that a ‘black magic man’ had placed to keep the rain from falling. These also served as a barrier to the gravesite. Word is that if it rains, it’s because someone had walked through the gravesite. So there we have it- the name of Jesus, works-based religion, and animism all wrapped up into one package. It breaks your heart. The people are deceived, and they are completely uncertain of their salvation, or of where they are going when they die, even if they can give you a testimony of ‘faith in Christ’.

Animistic beliefs made evident... see the hanging 'charm' in the upper-right

Animistic beliefs made evident... see the hanging 'charm' in the upper-right

It was interesting to us that on our first boat-ride into Tigak, we stopped to pick up a few women from the market. One of the women carried a very young baby. And in our last week in Tigak, one of the oldest women in the village was buried. There are many people and people groups like this one who from birth to death are surrounded by a false hope. Meaning- they are presented with Christ, but not the Christ in Scripture who saves us by grace through faith in His death on the cross. They are told that Christ died for their sins, so they must work to please Him daily and sin no more if they want to be saved from going to hell. Any man in his right mind will choose this option. What results is a life lived in fear, and a works-based salvation (which we know from Scripture is impossible and not what God offers to us in Christ Jesus!).

Please pray for the Tigak church as they are currently teaching chronologically through the Bible, giving a clear presentation of the Gospel! They are a few weeks in now, and we’ve heard that just about everyone is still coming to the teaching. Please pray that more Tigak men and women will be saved.

Thank you for your prayers, love, support and encouragement for us during this exciting time of Bush Orientation! It was a very good experience for us, and we look forward to what the Lord has next for us.

Please enjoy our new update video with pictures and video footage from our time in Tigak! Click here:

Planting Posts

If you were stranded on a remote tropical island, what 3 things would you want to have with you?

No I am not answering the question. :)

But we do have 3 things to update you on, 2 of which we would ask your prayer for!

  1. The small body of believers here on this island has prayed for many months about teaching through God's Word again to anyone who would like to come and hear it. It is foundational teaching, meaning the elders begin with Creation and teach all the way through the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Christ! This paves the way for clear understanding of who God is, the condition of man, and God's provision for our sin debt through Christ's death. (In essence, foundational teaching is like planting posts for a house. All the houses here are raised on posts. If the posts are flimsy, the house will not stand strong. But if the posts are dug deep and made well, they will provide for an excellent house. By the way, this method was modeled by Jesus Himself, by the prophets, and by the apostles!) Well, the elders of the church here decided to begin the teaching THIS WEEK! So the believers have been inviting folks all over the island, and today was the first day of teaching! Please pray for the generous handful of people who came to the teaching. Pray that they will continue coming, and that the Lord will open their hearts and minds to hear and understand and receive this free gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ! And pray also for the elders who are teaching, and the believers here to be strengthened in their faith. Lord-willing, there will soon be more believers in the family of God! 
  2. As for our family, we are doing well here in the islands. We are keeping VERY busy with Tok Pisin - both through language sessions with language helpers, and through simply sitting down and talking with people and experiencing cultural events with them. We have just a few short weeks left here. At this point, we are still uncertain what our next step will be. Pray that the Lord will give us clear direction for our next step, as He ALWAYS has so faithfully. Pray for us we consider this church planting work as one possibility, and several other opportunities. Pray that He will give us wisdom about logistics for the next few months.
  3. .... does it need to be said? ...... GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

It's Beginning to (Look?) a Lot Like Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The sound of coconut branches breaking as a coconut plunges with a huge “BANG!” to the ground reminds us of branches snapping from the sheer weight of snow. This may not sound to you like “sounds of winter"… but it’s about as close as we can get here*!

*Here = a tiny island off the coast of New Ireland. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to walk around the island… Not that we’ve ever done that. It usually takes us 2-3 hours for all the mingling we do!

As I look around, I’m surrounded by beautiful palm trees and varieties of hibiscus flowers. The residents of the island pride themselves in keeping the island ‘pristine’, with groomed walking paths and homes free of debris or clutter. The beach is of course beautiful, and the water is warm (ok, in the afternoons sometimes it’s too warm!). Similar to our time in Madang, we will occasionally have a “chilly”, cloudy, rainy day which many homeschooling families deem an automatic “snow day”, and we pull out the hot chocolate mix (thank you for the care packages, friends/family!) and pretend that we’re cold enough to drink it!

You might recall reading our blog a year ago, in which we wondered specifically where we would be for Christmas THIS year! And here we are now, in our Bush Orientation in the beautiful islands of PNG. So what are we doing in this time of Bush Orientation?

  • We are finishing learning Tok Pisin
  • We are experiencing remote tribal life - the challenges of managing solar power, shopping and rationing food for several weeks, and facing ‘isolated’ living conditions
  • We are observing and getting to know the local tribal church and the missionaries, and hopefully being a mutual encouragement to each other
  • We are praying during this time about the many potential opportunities we have for joining a new OR an existing church planting work

EXCITING NEWS: It brings us great joy to share with you that just a couple days ago, our very own Naya chose to believe in Jesus Christ as her Savior! Please remember her in your prayers as she grows in the months and years ahead.

Let us also remember together the thousands upon thousands who have not yet had a chance to hear this wonderful (wonder-filled!) news. 

And just on a more ‘personal’ note, it hits us big this year as we are currently in a tribe of anywhere between 12,000 and 20,000 people —— with about 15 believers. 15. (And less than 300 of them have even had the chance to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.) Sobering? Incredibly. Please pray for this young tribal church. They have a huge burden for their own people who have yet to hear, yet much discipleship is still needed to help bring them to a place where they can reach out effectively.

Praying with thankfulness for you as we thank Him for His marvelous gift of salvation,

~the Martinez family

Our Incredible Support Team

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the highlands these last couple weeks!

Our stay here has given us the opportunity to meet many of the wonderful missionaries who are here in crucial Support roles, allowing the “bush missionaries” to be fully invested in their ministries. (It has also given us the opportunity to wear sweaters and long pants, drink hot beverages without sweating, and snuggle under blankets on foggy mornings!)

Our first Cessna flight as a family! So thankful for NTMA! **Know anyone who loves to fly? We are in need of more pilots!

Our first Cessna flight as a family! So thankful for NTMA! **Know anyone who loves to fly? We are in need of more pilots!

During our time here, we were blessed to sit under the instruction of the NTM doctor, discussing things such as: first aid, antibiotics, allergic reactions, common illnesses, broken bones, vital signs, and even practicing administering epinephrine to each other!

Learning how to use a SAM Splint for a fractured limb.

Learning how to use a SAM Splint for a fractured limb.

Naya was thrilled to be a student in the 1st grade class at the NTM school for these two weeks. It was a fantastic experience for her… I’m afraid she will think differently about having ‘mom’ as her teacher now. Haha! Also regarding education, we were introduced to the homeschool resource center here, as well as the vision and principles of the NTM school (*and the principal, who is related to a friend of ours!).

Naya at her 1st grade classroom.

Naya at her 1st grade classroom.

Walking home from school with one of her new friends/classmates (Small world - we know this little girl's grandparents in the midwest!)

Walking home from school with one of her new friends/classmates (Small world - we know this little girl's grandparents in the midwest!)

We met many folks from other departments as well, and we are SO encouraged by the heart, the focus, the purpose, and the faithfulness of each of these who have obeyed the Lord’s mandate to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Sometimes we think of support missionaries as “just support” (and indeed, sometimes they even drift into that mindset themselves). But if they were not here being faithful to what the Lord has asked them to do--- it would be extremely difficult for ‘bush missionaries’ to be out in bush locations and be effective!

THANK YOU to each and every “support missionary”. Know that YOU are supported by US! We’re thankful to those serving overseas, such as here in PNG. And those serving at the Missionary Training Centers. And those serving at the Bible Institutes. And those who are in Mobilization! Every part of the body is absolutely crucial. Challenge: contact a missionary serving in a crucial* support role this week and let them know how thankful you are for their incredibly important ministry!

*Free tip of the day: EVERY support role is crucial!

Playing some football after a nice Thanksgiving meal with new friends!

Playing some football after a nice Thanksgiving meal with new friends!

Higher Ground

Our time of initial orientation to the national language and culture of PNG is wrapping up, and we are preparing to move to a higher elevation for a few weeks. I for one will thoroughly enjoy some chilly nights and chilly mornings – sweater? Blanket? A hot beverage in the morning because I’m actually cold? Bring it on! I won’t lie, I recently saw a photo of our friends Ryan and Katy wearing winter coats and holding those gorgeous red Starbucks cups. As I looked at the photo, I’m convinced that I started sweating even more. I can’t imagine cold weather now!

We will celebrate Thanksgiving in the highlands this year. We’re not sure what that will look like. But a warm “Happy Thanksgiving!” from us to all of you back home! If you see our FAMILIES, please extend a warm greeting and hug from us! (And yes, I’m sure many of them are reading this, so now if you DON’T, it may get a little awkward! Haha!)

Following our time in the highlands, we will move on to our Bush Orientation. We will be in a hot climate again for that time, but it is apparently also one of the most beautiful locations in the world. So we’ll look forward to sharing photos with you afterward! Beyond the beauty, however, there are thousands and thousands of precious souls who have NO access to the Gospel in their language.

With that in mind, please continue praying for us as we look toward what church planting work the Lord would have us be a part of, whether a new or existing work, and in what region of the country. Pray for our future co-workers, and for the people we will have the opportunity to serve (see our previous blog post for a glimpse into what that process looks like!).

Language Progress: Last week we had our second language evaluation, and we are both making good progress in Tok Pisin. We are both at the “Progressing High” level, and during our Bush Orientation time, we should be able to ‘check out’ of the language at “Capable High”.

Naya and Jocie also had their second language evaluations last week! Jocie was very shy, but she was able to acknowledge that she knows some words and phrases. Good job, Jocie! Naya, the social butterfly, also did well, and she even told the language consultant the ‘story’ of what we did that morning. Well done, Naya!

As we move into another time of transition here, please pray that we will keep our sights set on the higher ground, the higher goals… what His ambition is. What the big picture is. It’s easy to get distracted by the little things.

Thank you for your friendship, prayers, encouragement, love, and support in so many ways!

~the Martinez family

PS- We have a NEW mailing address. Please contact us or our families if you would like it. It’s been SO fun and encouraging to receive letters, postcards, and care packages! Thank you! 

Updated Relationship Status

Noe-Lisa Martinez went from "Dating" to "Single".

Yes, go ahead and smile. :) We have been talking and thinking and praying with two other families about potentially partnering in a tribal church planting work here in PNG for the last year (or longer). As Noe puts it so well, it's like we were "dating" each other.

Last week, we all decided not to partner together-- but we are SO happy to report that it is NOT for any negative reason! The reason we are not partnering together is that those two families are going to go in together with the hope/plan of having a family from a neighboring tribal church join them in the work. This is ‘purposeful partnership.' How amazing is this?!

**Really, folks, this is a wonderful picture of what it really means to make disciples. Be encouraged. "Training nationals to do the job" is SO much more than 'here is the Gospel, here is the Bible, go for it!' It involves years and years, countless hours of intentional discipleship. In this neighboring tribal church, the missionaries (who happen to be here as some of our advisors at this time!) spent years:

1.     Learning the tribal language AND culture (this includes understand the depths of the animistic belief system/worldview of the people they were going to share God's Word with)
2.    Preparing Bible lessons that are accurate to the original meaning, but relevant to the culture
3.    Preparing a literacy program so the people could learn to read and write in their own language- with the end goal that they can read the Bible in their own language. Also, discipleship will be immensely difficult without this.
4.    Beginning to translate the Bible into the tribal language- again, understanding the culture so that the translation will be accurate in meaning, and relevant in form. Unfortunately, many translations have been set aside because the culture and worldview was not understood by the translators. Additionally, some translations are quickly completed, but there are no solid Bible teachers to teach it, and/or no believers to hand it to.
5.    Teaching through the Bible for the FIRST time in the tribal language! And being available to dialogue each day and answer questions. (The questions will stem from their worldview, so if you haven't learned that, you'll have great difficulty answering these questions!)
6.    Discipling- walking with new believers and helping them grow in their understanding of God and His Word! "Therefore go and make converts of all nations..." No! haha :) "Therefore go and make DISCIPLES of all nations..." (!) This discipleship includes working together to reach neighboring tribes and languages. The end goal is that they will be well equipped to continue this work on their own.

What a privilege to be a part of this amazing work! To be a part of His mission, to be a part of 'updating relationship status':
Darkness ... to Light
Stranger ... to Citizen
Lost ... to Found
Not a People ... to a People

So as we look at these two families, these friends of ours, we are filled with joy that they will hopefully have the opportunity to have a believing tribal family come and join with them, as co-laborers for the cross of Christ. Tribal believers who have been discipled by missionaries who considered it worth their while to be in it for the long haul. THIS is "training nationals to do the job". Speaking of which... this tribal church has now shared the Word of God with almost ALL of the villages in the tribe! And now, as you can see, they are preparing to partner with western missionaries to go into some of these harder-to-reach places. As the tribal church continues to grow in maturity and tools, they will be able to go to some of these places on their own.

So yes, we did have a bit of an emotional week as we "broke up" with these two families. But again, it is for happy reasons. We had plenty of reasons to partner together, we all are of one mind and vision in regard to church planting. So we spent last week fellowshipping with them, and on Sunday we drove them to the airport to catch their flight back to another region.
These little MK's have been friends since 2009! (well, most of them)

Language Check Update:
Many of you heard through other sources, but we all did well on our language evaluations last month. We are both out of Basic level and into the Progressing level. The next level is Capable, and we are continuing to work hard to learn this language and culture (remember, the two cannot be separated if you expect to translate, teach, and disciple with accuracy, relevance, and understanding).
The girls also had a little language check, and they both passed, being able to answer all of the questions presented to them! Way to go, munchkins! :)

We have about 6 weeks remaining here in Madang. Pray for us to be diligent in our studies, and ever loving toward one another. :)

On a Funny Note...

When to NOT combine English and Tok Pisin: If you are trying to say "I'll take a little!"

"I'll take a little lik (leak)!"  .... Oops!

("Little" in Tok Pisin is 'liklik')

First Language Check!

Language learning
Well, we have been in PNG for nearly 2 months now, and in just a couple days we will have our first language check! There is a CLA (Culture & Language Acquisition) consultant who happens to be in town this week, and he has offered to do our language checks/evaluations.

So we will both sit down with him and some nationals for a couple hours to be evaluated on what we’re learning of the culture and how we are filing our data, as well as an extensive evaluation of our progress in learning the national language, Tok Pisin.
Please pray that we will think clearly and do our best!

(We are also going to have someone give a language check to our girls! They are old enough to learn quite a bit, and they’re doing pretty well at grasping some basic vocabulary and practical expressions.)

The time is passing quickly- we are already halfway through our time here in Madang. Can you believe that? J When we know more details, we will let you know about our upcoming Bush Orientation (and what that means).

Naya learning how to scrape coconut meat,
Jocie having her hair braided
We are praying a lot these days as we consider partnering with two other families in a church planting work. JOIN US in praying for this important decision! We will update you when we can.
We made Mexican tacos for some of the believers
who are visiting. A cultural experience for them! :)

Thank you for keeping up with us! It’s a joy and blessing to have your support and partnership.

Check back soon for an update on our language check!

**Note- we have a new Page here on our blog, called "Letters/Packages". It includes info and lists (!) for those of you who have asked about sending things to us. (The page is located in the menu/bar at the top.) Thank you!!

~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie
Jocie with her friend Nora

Mipela i lainim Tok Pisin!

It means "We are learning Tok Pisin (Pidgin, the national language of PNG)!"

Today was August 24th. That marks one month since we landed in PNG. Can you believe that?!

Helping fuel the NTM helicopter
It has been a busy and fruitful month of adjusting and learning, and lately starting to really dive in to language learning and experiencing the local culture.

All four of us have done remarkably well adjusting to the climate. The girls complained MUCH less than I anticipated, and that's been a huge blessing. None of us have been hit with homesickness (but don't worry, we think of you all frequently and we miss you a lot!), which is a huge praise!

We've been able to get out into the nearby villages quite a bit, both as a family, and Noe by himself. So we've started building on some new friendships, and we've both found individuals who are willing (and excited) to help us learn the language.

Through language sessions and conversation/storying, we are learning the language more each day. Also recently, a group of believers from a tribal church has visited, all of whom are great 'teachers' for those of us learning Tok Pisin.
We're thankful for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

The girls' first time seeing a chopper
We have now visited two different national churches in this area. One of them has a Sunday school class for kids, which Naya in particular enjoyed. Twice a month we are also meeting together as believers here at NTM, which is a huge encouragement.

We're becoming increasingly familiar with the logistics of going into Madang town for groceries and produce from the market. Noe is a great driver... he usually stays on the right correct side of the road ;) And he knows where the 'surprise' pot-holes are now. The girls enjoy going to town with us... well ok not really, but they know that going to town is their only chance to get an ice cream cone! :) So they usually don't complain...too much.

Naya is plugging away at 1st Grade, and doing very well! Jocie is doing preschool (when she's not playing with her little friends next-door, Nora and Rinn), and we are starting to focus on forming letters and numbers. She'll start Kindergarten next July hopefully.
Jocie, with friends Nora and Rinn

We're VERY thankful to have all been quite healthy for this first month! THANK YOU for your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial support! We are here because of you, and we want you to feel involved and BE involved. (What would you like to hear about? Feel free to email us with questions or comments ANY time!)

~the Martinez family

p.s. -- stay tuned for info on Naya and Jocie's upcoming blog! (Not a post- their OWN blog!) Another way for your kids, and kids in your church, to get a window into the lives of missionary kids growing up in another culture, getting to know Jesus, and having the opportunity to share Him with the unreached!

Enjoying reading a "Maily" email... (the girls email with relatives
and little friends using Maily! Sign up today and connect with us!)

Joy To The World

Sunrise, taken next to our house.
In the early hours of the morning, I hear these particular birds 'singing' repeatedly the first four notes of the tune "Joy To The World." It's very clear, always in perfect rhythm, and pretty!
(Ok yes, granted, after the 200th chirp I most definitely listened more intently, and perhaps longingly, for the bird who would "wise up" and sing the next line- "the Lord is come"...)

But I found it interesting, no matter what tune these birds are really singing, that The Lord should give such a friendly reminder of Himself and of His Presence- upon our arrival to PNG! No matter the day, no matter the events of each day, no matter this or that: still, JOY to the world. Why? The Lord is come. Indeed He has come, and indeed He offers us the fullness of His joy in abiding in Him.

With the tragically high attrition rates of global missionaries, we've been strongly exhorted by those who have 'made it' for years and years on the foreign field to draw closely into Christ. Individually. As a couple. And as a family. But it certainly starts with our individual walks with Him. If that falls apart, everything else may fall apart as well. (Because after all, "in Him we live and move and have our being.")

So would you join us in praying that in the midst of acclimating to this new climate and new culture, and in the midst of learning language and preparing for future tribal ministry, that we will each draw closely into Christ? That we will abide in Him, that we will find our joy in Him? (After all, the birds just can't help themselves! Why do I have more trouble than they?)

Praise and Prayer:

Praise: the ant invasion has been successfully squelched! Not only are they now scarce in our home, but Jocie is sleeping in her bed and seems much more at ease.

Thanks to The Lord also that Jocie is beginning to warm up to being here in PNG. She never resisted coming, but she's had a slower and more difficult transition than Naya.

Naya is doing great, praise The Lord! She is bold at meeting new people and asking what something is called in the national language, Tok Pisin. She is learning the language quickly and was complimented by some ladies in a village recently. :)

Pray that The Lord would orchestrate who our language helpers might be for these next 4 months.

Cultural Experiences:

We have enjoyed getting to know quite a few families in a nearby village called Savolon.
The girls with some new friends :)

Last week on an impromptu visit, the girls and I (Lisa) got to help a lady who was making a broom for her porch out of coconut leaf stems. She showed me how, then she helped me try, then I did it myself. Then she and I both showed the girls how ( yes my girls were using knives), and then I supervised as the girls tried doing it themselves.

Also last week, Noe and the other men went out in the morning with some men from the village called Tagog, and they harvested some morota, saksak branches. That afternoon, several of us went into Tagog and helped weave the morota branches into roof "panels" for someone's gathering house.

This week we were invited to cook and eat with a family in the Savolon village. It was a great experience learning to do things their way and with their resources. Together ( ok mostly them, but we ladies helped) we made a wonderful meal- a coconut milk based soup with fish, kau kau ( sweet potato), taro, banana, kumu (greens), carrot, onion, and tomato. They also smoked some of the fish whole and made a pot of rice. All of this was cooked in the "haus-cook" (cooking house) over the fire.

The meal we helped make in the village
We are really enjoying building relationships with the people who live in this area. Pray that we will all be good testimonies of Christ during our time here. We are learning more of the national language every day, mostly through conversation at this point. Next week we will dive into some even more purposeful language learning sessions.

Thank you for your incredible support! We hope to keep you updated regularly, and we want you to be able to somehow embrace this with us. Each one of you, whether you pray or give or encourage: YOU are a part of this team and a part of this task of taking the Gospel to the unreached people groups in the world today!

With love,

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie

At Home in Madang!

Apinun from PNG!
We arrived at long last to Madang on Thursday evening, July 24th.
Our home for the next few months


We departed Seattle early Monday morning, leaving sad but supportive grandparents and a few friends behind. Unfortunately, we had too many connections (so we were told) to check our luggage through to Port Moresby, PNG. So we reclaimed it in LA and transferred to the international terminal at LAX for our flight to Sydney. To our surprise, the ticket agent told us after a couple minutes “Your visas are not being accepted.” (Oh my!) As it turned out, because we had so many hours of layovers in Australia, we needed an Australian visa as well in order to continue on our journey. This would cost us $50/person. So we said ok, and she began the process, and I was praying while Noe dealt with that.

Another employee came over during this time and wanted us to weigh one of our carry-ons for her. Which of course was too heavy, so we had to take some things out, break a zip-tie on a luggage and throw things in there… 3 times… then she was satisfied and walked away. Finally the visas were finished and we got our boarding passes and tiredly headed toward the security checkpoint to the right. We stopped by the payphones to pray because we were a bit frazzled. As we approached the front of the security line, he told us to go back to the other security checkpoint as he was closing this one. Ookkkk. It was by now 8pm, and our poor, patient (I think patient?) children hadn’t eaten since lunch, but they hung in there (barely) with us. They are such troopers! We cleared security, and followed the signs to the dining section of the terminal. We reached the end of the terminal and realized we’d gone the wrong way. No food. Ookkkk. So we turned around and dragged ourselves to the other end of the terminal where the food really was, and we ordered something and sat down.

By the time it came, it was 10 minutes before boarding, so we gave the kids a couple bites and then headed back to our gate. Lo and behold, boarding was delayed. And delayed. However, the Lord encouraged us at this point. A couple of gate agents announced that carry-ons should be checked for size and weight. As we looked at each other with somewhat of an “oh great” look, Noe saw that the ticket agent who dealt with us and our visas happened to be over at our gate to help with the boarding process. Noe called her over and thanked her again for her help. We chatted for a few minutes, and at the end she told us she’d help us get on board with no problems. (!) Because of this, we had no questions asked about our carry-ons. ALSO, Noe then informed me that because we had not been angry or yelled at her (as most people apparently do), she did not charge us for any of our visas. (!!)

The Qantas A380 is a humongous airplane. That’s all I have to say. The girls slept all night, after eating a little bit of the food we brought with us. Noe and I dozed off and on. 15 hours is a long time. But we made it!

In Sydney we claimed our bags and went through customs, and re-checked them for our domestic flights in Australia. Flew to Brisbane, then flew to Cairns that evening (Wednesday the 23rd). CAIRNS! Oh Cairns…. The international terminal locks up for the night by 10pm. Our plane was late, so we arrived after 10pm. We claimed our bags (AGAIN), and were able to stay in the baggage claim area of the domestic terminal until 12:30am. At 12:30am (or after the Guam flight I guess), the domestic terminal shuts down and everyone must go outside. So we woke up from our floor naps, and went outside with about 15 other people where we slept on the ground until 3am. As Noe puts it, “We went camping in the outback!” Ha! (His optimism was great.. and we all did fine. Even when there was a lizard by my head, and later when I thought an animal was on my head but it was just Naya’s foot…)
At 3am the international terminal opened, so we went inside. By 6:30am we were on our way to Port Moresby. NTM staff took us to their home and let us rest in a guest house for the day. The girls enjoyed the parrots and a brief swim in the pool. Mommy enjoyed a short nap. And finally, we took off for our final flight to Madang, arriving uneventfully after 5pm on Thursday. An NTM staff member met us, helped us get our luggage, and drove us back to the NTM center.

Some staff came over to our house to greet us, gave us egg salad sandwiches for dinner and some basic groceries for the next day, and a couple hours later we were in bed. Well… actually we were all in ONE bed… Why? Ants. (haha!)

The center sits right on the South Pacific Ocean/Bismarck Sea
There are ants. TONS of tiny little harmless ants. They are everywhere in our house, and Jocie hasn’t been able to sleep in her bed yet because of fear. She even said “I’m SO excited to do school, but I’m too scared to sit at the table because of all the ants!” (Her fear is the prayer request, but it should be noted that the amount of ants is no exaggeration. They are surrounding me currently, and often crawling on my face, and they’ve been darting in and out of the keys on the laptop. I could go on and on with stories, but I don’t want to bore you.)

One staff member predicted we’d wake up at 3am because of the time change. On. The. Money. The girls and I were awake at 3, and I had to convince them to go back to sleep. The sun sets around 6:30 and rises around 6 or 6:30am. So that’s kind of the norm here, to go to bed at a decent hour and rise with the sun.

Noe made breakfast on Friday morning- scrambled eggs and toast with PB&J. We were fascinated how within 10 minutes of cooking the eggs, when I took the skillet to wash it, there were EASILY a couple thousand ants inside (!!). The girls are learning VERRRRRY quickly that even a small crumb will draw a huge crowd of ants!
Friends from the MTC, currently on staff here until they move into a tribe

After breakfast, some friends on staff here took us for a walk around the center, showed us our mailbox, etc. We had lunch with a staff family (thank you!), took an afternoon nap, unpacked more, then had dinner with a staff family (thank you!).

Veggies from the market this morning, washed and drying
This morning, Saturday, we were taken into Madang town by a staff family. Naya and Jocie rode in the back with their 4 boys, and received and extensive education about PNG life as we drove into town. We stopped first at an open market, overflowing with vegetables and fruits. Noe also bought a young coconut and we all enjoyed the coconut water. We went to a big store next with lots of Asian pantry ingredients and the kids had an ice cream cone. Then they took us to their favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. Super yum! We stopped at two more grocery stores, then brought our weary crew back home.

This is a LONG update, but much has happened, and we’re happy to have our internet set up now so we can update you who have so faithfully supported us and walked with us so far! It’s so exciting to be here finally, and we’re looking forward to learning the national language starting around August 5th, once the other families and singles arrive.

It’s hot and humid here, and apparently it’s the end of the dry season, so we’ll probably get rain almost daily.

But all is well so far! We’re safe and healthy at this point, and getting our bearings.

LOTS of love to all of you, please continue in prayer for us,

Noe, Lisa, Naya, Jocie, and 3,500,745…99 ants J

4 Days Until Take-off!

Our crate is packed!

As soon as we know what region we will be serving in long-term, we will call our family in Seattle to get the crate to the port of Seattle to be shipped to PNG. (We're praising God that we are so blessed to ship it directly out of Seattle! How convenient to live here? Yeah...)

We're working on packing our luggage for Madang (for the next 6+ months of life), and sorting out the rest of our miscellaneous.... "stuff" (there really is no better term for it than that: "Stuff". It feels good to get rid of it!).

As anticipated, below is our mailing address (and some instruction) for the next few months in PNG. We've heard that a package will usually take 2-3 months.

If you'd like to send a care package, PLEASE contact us first- directly, or through our families, in order to learn of specific needs or wants, and clarify any questions about filling out the customs form.

Our mailing address:

**We decided it is better to not include the address here. Feel free to contact us directly if you'd like to mail something!

Helpful tips:

Via the USPS, the options and estimated arrival times are:
  • Express:  takes 10-14 days, sometimes longer.
  • First Class (airmail):  about the same as Express, sometimes longer. 
  • Box Flat Rate:  about the same as Express, sometimes longer.  For USD $37.00 you can fit all you want into a 11" X 8.5" X 5.5" USPS box, 20 lb. maximum. 

To maintain integrity AND also to draw less attention to a care package:
  • Mark the package: "for missionary use only"
  • While not being deceptive, be as generic and general as possible. For example, instead of writing "shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shavers" you can just write "personal hygiene items."  While there is no guarantee what will be inspected and charged customs, this has shown to be helpful in the past. (Be sure all items in the package are covered under your general descriptions.)

8 Days!

VERY surreal to say that we are leaving for PNG in just 8 days. (!)

Packing for our tribal house. (Ziplocs!) Aiming to
make wise decisions. In this photo, items have been
inventoried. Next step is to pack them inside of
each other, as condensed as possible! :) Then we will
label the inventoried containers and put them into our
crate, which will be shipped this fall (probably), as soon
as we know which tribe and region we will be serving in!
Since most of you have moved permanently overseas, I'm sure you can imagine how busy we are trying to pack and sort through the rest of our belongings and tie up loose ends stateside. :)

And since we've done this before, we've definitely got the process all figured out. (um....)

In the midst of all this, we are enjoying making some last memories with family, friends, our churches and loved ones. Today (Saturday) was our annual Family Farewell party. We got both sides of our families together for a great afternoon of spending time together, water play in the yard, and smoked ribs/chicken! (Some of the family doesn't know that the afternoon ended in a huge water fight, which included all of the grandparents getting soaked by large buckets of water!)

Lisa and her dad at Alki Beach with the family
TOMORROW is our first of two Commissioning Services AND our first of two Open Houses. See the details below, and we really hope to see you to say 'farewell'!

Commissioning Services:

(We will be prayed over and "sent off" together as the Body of Christ)

Sunday, July 13 at Boulevard Park Church in Burien

Sunday, July 20 at Grace Church in West Seattle (White Center area)

Open Houses:

(Come say farewell, eat free snacks, and get your picture taken for our fridge!)

Sunday, July 13 from 3pm - 6pm at:  

Saturday, July 19 from 1pm - 4pm at 840 SW Channon Dr, Normandy Park, WA 98166

Our NEXT blog should have our mailing address in PNG and instructions for anyone who'd like to mail letters or care packages.

~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocellyn

PS- Jocie lost her 2nd tooth this week, and Naya lost her 10th tooth!

21 Days of Prayer

Below is our 21 days of prayer, for each day of July beginning July 1st. Please join us in praying each day! Print it out and stick it on your fridge. Or pray with your kids over dinner. Or....

Thank you for partnering with us!

for the Martinez family
NTM Church Planters
in Papua New Guinea

1.             Pray for our personal walks with the Lord, that we will individually draw near to Him in this time of transition.
2.             Pray for our family relationships in the midst of many stresses. Marriage, parenting, and extended family.
3.             Pray for comfort, peace, and trust in God for our families and good friends as we say farewell.
4.             Pray for a weekend of refreshing as we spend a few short days (July 3-6) at a lake cabin.
5.             Pray for the tribe we will be serving among (we hope to know which tribe it is within the next few months), that He would “ready their hearts”.
6.             Pray for our future co-workers, whatever families and/or singles we will be partnering with in a church planting work.
7.             Pray for our health on this day (July 7) as we get our second round of immunizations for PNG. Pray for our health in general as we travel and transition to a new climate and culture.
8.             Pray for our final shopping and finishing up any/all paperwork before leaving the USA.
9.             Pray for Naya and Jocie, that they will mutually stay in contact with little friends in the USA, AND that they will make new friends quickly in PNG.
10.         Pray for Esther, the lovely woman who has opened her home to us the last few years, as we leave her home.
11.         Pray for our church families, that we will stay mutually connected and share this work of church planting together.
12.         Pray for our extended family farewell gathering today (July 12), that lasting memories will be made.
13.         Pray for Noe and Lisa, that they will maintain good friendships in the USA and make new friends quickly in PNG.
14.         Pray for the girls’ education, that they will do well in homeschooling, and that Lisa will have wisdom in teaching them.
15.         Pray for logistics of travel, and of allocating into a tribe in just a few short months.
16.         Pray for the support missionaries in PNG, that the Lord will bless their ministries and fill their hearts with encouragement and joy.
17.         Pray for each member of our Support Team (financial partners, prayer warriors, encouragers…), that the Lord will richly bless each one and allow them to continue this important work.
18.         Pray for the country of PNG, that the Lord will continue to reap His harvest there where the fields are white but the laborers are few.
19.         Pray that the Lord will raise up more workers for His harvest field, in PNG and all around the world.
20.         Pray for us today, our final day in the USA. Pray that somehow He will give us rest before our travels.
21.         TAKE-OFF! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray as the Lord leads.

~Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we travel for the next 3 days, as we transition to life in PNG, and as we begin all that He has in store for us. Be sure to stay connected through email, our blog, and Facebook.

Lots of love to you and THANK YOU for your prayers!

Wrapping Things Up

I was telling someone just the other day how we are going to use a lot of ziploc bags to pack things in. This provides us a good supply of ziplocs in the tribe, and it also protects things from the elements while they sit around untouched for a time in a hot, humid climate.

While I am already used to the idea of wrapping things this way and thought it kind of 'ho-hum', they found it very intriguing. Someone else commented "I can't imagine how the pioneer women survived without ziplocs!" (fun thought for the day...)

We're so thankful to all who came, and all who contributed, to the Tribal Bound Auction! The event was a success: it was a wonderful evening, the house was full, many hands came together to make it look great, AND we raised over 10K! This will put a significant dent in our upcoming expenses- specifically allocation into the tribe in just a few months, and housebuilding.

So THANK YOU to all who played a part in the Auction, whether you helped us put the event together, came and supported, encouraged us, or sent special gifts.

We are now able to focus our attention on wrapping things up stateside. The short version: lots of packing suitcases for our first 4-6 months, sorting and packing our crates for the tribe, purging of any remaining belongings that will no longer be relevant (i.e. the girls' winter clothes, extra household items, etc.), finishing up medical checkups, making sure our legal affairs are in order... (and the list goes on).
Sorting through items for our tribal home in PNG ~ deciding what to take, and what to leave behind. Our shipping crates are in the background! (Yes 2, as we will also be shipping some tools and housebuilding materials for two other families who are already in PNG)

Dates for you to note:

Commissioning Services:
(We will be prayed over and "sent off" together as the Body of Christ)

Sunday, July 13 at Boulevard Park Church in Burien

Sunday, July 20 at Grace Church in West Seattle (White Center area)

Open Houses:
(Come say farewell, eat free snacks, and get your picture taken for our fridge!)

Sunday, July 13 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at 632 SW 127th St, Burien, WA 98146

Saturday, July 19 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm at TBD (To Be Determined. Stay tuned!)

We hope to see you for any/all of these occasions.

Stay tuned for our mailing address in Madang, PNG. Coming soon! Thank you for continuing to run alongside us, and for your 'cups of cold water' along the way.

~Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie

PS - Jocie lost her first tooth last week!

On Your Mark....

Well, it's safe to say that we are now lining up at the starting blocks. Or perhaps we're like a horse entering the starting gate, eager to burst out and start the race.

Thank you to all who recently prayed for our visa application process. With the power of your prayers reaching His ears, our visas have been APPROVED, and we have them in hand!

With plane tickets purchased and work visas approved, we have no obstacles between us and Papua New Guinea! 
(except the very large ocean) 
We are READY!

Ok, well.... we still have MUCH to do in preparation. Packing, sorting, thinking, goodbye-ing...
(Teaching the girls some entry level construction skills... how special it would be for them to help build our house in the jungle!)

Our hope and plan is to involve you in all of this. This is a partnership after all. We have the privilege of being the FEET and going. But we don't take lightly the partnership you share with us - each financial gift given, each prayer offered up, each email or text or phone call to encourage us... THANK YOU!

With that said, we hope you will be able to join us for our final stateside gatherings, and that you will be sure that you are connected to our email list and our blog.
If you are not receiving our emails, please take just a moment and sign up HERE. Martinez Family Newsletter.

You can also receive emails FROM this blog each time we post! See the "Follow By Email" form to the right- simply submit your email address, and you will receive an email whenever we post a new entry. If you have a google account, you can also subscribe via Google Friend Connect (farther down the page).

There are a limited number of tickets for this FUN event! Contact us today to reserve your tickets. Some more of our auction items include: 
Disney tickets (!!), hot air balloon rides, a beautiful flower bouquet, a stunning painting from the Dominican Republic, handmade jewelry from a beautiful woman at Grace Church, a 2-night stay at a lake retreat home....

Don't miss this event! Not only will it be fun and full of great auction items, but it's another way you can be involved in tribal church planting- proceeds will go toward our outgoing and startup costs in PNG.

Finally, STAY TUNED for dates coming up in July for:
  • Commissioning services
  • Open houses (aka farewells... no crying!)


You are invited to walk with us in this amazing journey!

You are invited to pray with us, rejoice with us and mourn with us.

You are invited to partner in this work with us through financial giving, committed prayer, and encouragement! (See the "Join Our Team" page and get involved!)

You are also invited to our last big stateside fundraiser before we depart for Papua New Guinea in just under 2 months!

Enjoy a FUN evening out- with friends, with family! The admission cost includes a lovely summer dinner, live and silent auction, some live music, special sharing from Noe about our upcoming ministry in PNG, a dessert dash, and a raffle!

Auction items include: 
*A 2-night hosted stay (including meals) at a Hood Canal retreat home!
*A tour for 4 of Starbucks headquarters - includes private coffee tasting, 'barista training' to make your favorite drink, 2lbs. coffee, and MORE!
*A day at the lake with a professional Mastercraft ski boat
*Cannon Beach, OR gift cards (including $100 toward a 4-diamond hotel) toward your next CB getaway
*A gorgeous Seattle skyscape print
*A deep tissue massage
*A family photography session

And MUCH, MUCH more!!

Contact us today to reserve your tickets. 
You may also obtain seats by contacting Grace Church in West Seattle
or Boulevard Park Church in Burien

He Hears!!

Within 40 minutes of posting our last blog entry (on April 14th, en route to Colorado), we received an email that our Work Permits had finally been delivered into the hands of our NTM representative in PNG! PRAISE THE LORD!
Thank you for your prayers ~ He hears.

We are now finalizing our Entry Permits, so do continue to pray for this process, that there will be no hiccups.

Following this during our road trip was not optional... :)
MORE answered prayers: We're thankful to have had a completely safe trip to and from Oregon and Colorado, and arrived back in Seattle on April 25th (and indeed, all we needed that day was a light jacket, as someone pointed out...).

We hit the ground running, and with the help of family and friends (including those who brought us canopies during Saturday's rain! Thanks!) we had a very $ucce$$ful garage sale this weekend. We trust that you all enjoyed the food... we received many compliments! If you'd like to taste that food again, we'd invite you to host a casual dinner evening of friends/family. We'll provide the meal and share about our ministry. You provide the home and the guests!
'Can life get better? I submit that it canNOT!'   :)

JOIN US this Saturday for our GO Team Day! This is an opportunity for you to get closely involved in supporting missionaries! But not only that, this DVD series will inspire ideas for you to connect with other believers in many areas. Come for some or all of the day. Sit and enjoy along with us and brainstorm about supporting missionaries... FOOD is provided (how can you turn that down?), and coffee ( can you turn THAT down?!)... Hourly details are listed below if you want to come for certain hours:

9:00- the need for care
10:00- moral support
11:00- prayer support
12:00- financial support
1:00- logistics and communication support
2:00- reentry support

*Contact us to RSVP and for directions.


We are now selling tickets for the 
Tribal Bound Auction on Friday, June 20th 
7.00pm ~ Fremont Abbey, Seattle 

A wonderful summer dinner, silent and live auction, and a dessert dash are included in the $20 price. Note: Child care is also available at Grace Church in West Seattle for $10/child. Contact us for additional details.

Do you enjoy an auction? Do you have family/friends that also would enjoy bidding on items? Contact us today to reserve your seats, or if you'd like to volunteer to be a table host (you will be responsible to sell all 9 seats at your table). 

THANK YOU for your love, support, prayers...

Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie
Blurry, but worth 2,000 words.
This is Esther, the beautiful woman who
has opened her home to us these last few years. :)

Big News!!!


On Friday, we booked 4 one-way tickets to Papua New Guinea!

We now have a countdown ticker right here on the blog so you can join us in prayerful and joyful anticipation of our upcoming move! 

Naya practicing making tortillas with Mamamina
*Please pray with us that our Work Permits will finish processing and that we can move ahead quickly with our Entry Permits.

We just spent a lovely weekend in Newberg, Oregon, sharing with fellow believers about tribal church planting. Thank you, friends and family in Newberg for welcoming us and partnering with us in this work!

We are headed to Colorado, where we will have the opportunity to share this ministry with a couple small groups, and celebrate Easter with our Denver relatives (can't wait to see you!). We will be there for a week, and on the 23rd we will begin our drive back home to Seattle.

*Please pray with us for safe travel to (and from) Denver, and for His will to be done during our time there.


Click here to view the latest update on our Financial, Prayer, and Moral Support.


Upcoming Events!

  • May 2nd & 3rd: Garage Sale and Barbacoa (Burien). All proceeds will go toward our outgoing expenses to PNG. Come browse, and purchase a delicious meal! (If you'd like to donate items for us to sell at the garage sale, we'll happily receive them! Contact us directly.)
  • June 20th: Fundraiser Auction (Seattle). Tickets and details will be available soon! Again, all proceeds will go toward our outgoing expenses and startup costs in PNG.  (Do you have an item or gift basket or service you'd be willing to donate as an auction item? Please contact us ASAP!!)